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Some years ago, you had this amazing idea that got you all excited whenever you thought about it. As a wise person, you sat down to think about it and plan for it. Then it occurred to you that you weren’t perfect enough to conceptualize the idea. It also came to your notice that the conditions that surrounded  you at that time were not perfect enough. Years down the line, that idea is still in your kitchen cupboard, waiting to be remembered.  Just a few months ago, you refused to work on that business idea or take up that project that could have helped to positively impact lives in your community because you thought you weren’t capable enough or that the conditions weren’t perfect enough for you to do something about it. Months after, that idea is still under your bed, forgotten, because the perfect conditions are yet to arrive and you are yet to become perfect.

I understand how this happens because it has happened to me a lot of times. The chord of pain that strikes your soul when you see that someone who doesn’t even know you is carrying out your idea is not something I think I could describe. And all that,  because I wanted more perfect conditions to start something perfect.

Listen up! If everyone waited till they were perfect before doing something that they thought was great then nothing great would ever be done. Nothing! Perfection is insuperable. And so are perfect conditions.  I believe there is no such thing as a perfect timing to start something right. You have to seize the timing itself and make it perfect. Nothing would be done in the next ten years if you keep waiting for you to be perfect. There has never been, and will never be a perfect you for a perfect project. And situations may never be more appropriate for you than they are now. You’ve got to stand up and stop waiting for a better time to do that important stuff that’s still lying on your shelf; start writing that book, take steps towards starting that business, start that project, take that course, start something! For if you don’t,  in ten years time, you will still not be a perfect man.


P.S: I started an Improvement Challenge last Friday, 3rd July, 2015. The Improvement Challenge, which spans for 21 days, aims at helping you develop habits towards achieving your goals by doing them every day for 21 days. Looking forward to having you join us. Learn more about the Challenge here

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