Orifunke Lawal

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<h2>Meet Orifunke</h2>

My name is Orifunke Lawal and I am a content writer, content, creator, a blogger and a social media and personal branding enthusiast. I am passionate about building people, brands, businesses and communities (PBBC) online. I am an enthusiastic and energetic lady so you will see me working on one project or the other every time.


At the moment, I am building The Lagos Series, a travel brand which is focused on sharing an enlightening, entertaining and inspiring narrative of Lagos. We do this majorly through storytelling, photography and documentary.


I am also building “Lady with Balls“, an online community of young ladies who inspire, impact, support and empower each other. I am particular about women being independent and so I am creating opportunities that allow them to be empowered through online classes and courses, events, mentorship and the provision of vital resources which are well suited to the needs of every member of the community.

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