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I could give you reasons why we really shouldn’t be happy about the NASU strike but that would only be me reopening closed wounds (or, almost closed wounds). I know you hate to have to go home as a result of a struggle that has nothing to do with you. I do, too, but then I have just learnt to see the bright side of things even in the darkest of days. I mean, there is always a silver lining in every cloud. So, amidst a thousand reasons to be sad and disappointed about the issue of the school closure, let’s find a reason to be happy about it.

You know, what if this is an opportunity for you to develop yourself regarding the activities that really matter to you? What if this break is an avenue for you to grow, to improve? The reason a lot of students give for not improving at what they would like to improve at is lack of sufficient time due to the need to study hard, attend classes, group discussions et al. And of course, that is so understandable. But now, there are no classes to attend, no group discussions, no notes to write. This is the best time for you to learn that skill, read that book, take that course, and whatever else it is that you would love to do. I have learnt from bitter experience that you don’t expect OAU to resume one week after a strike or even, a legitimate holiday. They would most likely spend a month or two or even three! Don’t sleep away and be patiently waiting for OAU to resume whilst doing nothing worthwhile with your life.

I have a suggestion for you as you start your break; PLAN! Really, plan! Most of us are home now without knowing the next step to take. For a lot, this break will not be wasted not because you don’t want to make optimum use of it but because you have no definite plan for it. Don’t tell me you want to improve at this and that. Show me HOW! Set goals! Show me how you want to achieve these goals.  Write your plan down so it is possible for you to follow up with it. If you want to work, for instance, write the type of work you would like to do, how long you would like to work there. If you want to learn a skill, write down the skill,  how do you want to learn it? Who do you want to teach you? If you want to read books, what type of books do you want to read? For how long do you want to read a book? What do you want to have achieved after reading each book? Our problems can be solved by asking the right questions and by planning to solve them.

I hope this has helped you. Any questions? Or is there any way I could help you achieve your goals this break? Please feel free to mail me at lawalorifunke@yahoo.com

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