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Some weeks ago, the idea of having a challenge for twenty-one days that would help me improve in certain vital areas of my life crossed my mind. It sounded like a much better idea when I thought of the fact that I could also involve other people who needed to improve themselves also. So, after much deliberation, I embarked on #TIC21 which stands for The Improvement Challenge of 21 days. Today is Day 21 of #TIC21 and I am happy, thankful and fulfilled that I made it to the end. I would be sharing with you how The Improvement Challenge has helped me.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”- Nelson Mandela

Yes, that’s the first lesson I learnt. Nothing will be possible, or seem possible, until somebody actually does it. About to start the challenge, I had a whole lot of reservations and questions.  It was my first project of its kind and I didn’t know how to start.  I didn’t know what people would think and if they would want to join in the Challenge. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it till the twenty-first day. I feared that I would start and not be able to finish. Man, I had so much worries! However, I decided that I was going to do it whether it seemed possible or not, whether people joined in or not. I just did it. I knew that even if I failed at it, I would have learnt a lesson or two from it. I also knew that I had nothing to lose if I started it. The success of #TIC21 has made me see that I could do whatever I set out to do. It has inspired me to dream of bigger challenges. It has taught me better ways of doing stuff like this.  I am the only limitation that I have. People aren’t my limitation. Money isn’t. I am my own limitation.

How #TIC21 helped me.
I am of the belief that everybody must work hard to improve themselves.  Being contented with who you are and where you are is a sign of mediocrity. You might be doing so well at a particular thing but the truly successful people never get satisfied with wherever they are. There is ALWAYS a need to improve. #TIC21 made me constantly remember the need for improvement. There were times when I was tired but I knew I had to keep improving myself. I built the habit of writing, reading everyday and now that I am through with the challenge, I see no reason why I should stop writing everyday or why I should stop reading everyday. I know I am a better writer than I was twenty-one days ago. Albeit I am not where I want to be, I see this as a good start for me.

#TIC21 taught me commitment, not just commitment to improvement, but commitment to people. I knew I couldn’t stop halfway because there were people always asking how the Improvement Challenge was going. There were people who wanted to see me end well and so I just couldn’t stop till I got to the end.

I am grateful to everybody who saw the possibility of this when I was not even sure about it; Tolulope Ahmed, Abraham Ologundudu, Samuel Akinlotan, Adebayo Michael Em.A, and those that space will not permit me to mention- Thank you so much. Also, Thanks to those who kept sending in their encouragement messages. To a very wonderful set of people I can not but acknowledge, those who joined in the Challenge. Thank you for seeing this as a worthy cause to join in. Thank you for working everyday to be better. Thank you for making this journey worthwhile. Keep growing. Keep improving. You are your only limitation.

And that’s it, folks! #TIC21 has come to an end. Watch this space for further challenges.  *winks*

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  • Orifunke,

    I like this post because;

    1. I am a big fan of personal development.
    2. I decided to write actively daily since January 2015 and it’s working till date.
    3. I am happy that this challenge is a push to another creative insight for you.
    4. You started and finished this challenge and you decided to share your accountability with the world.


  • Agape ADESANYA says:

    This was a WOW! experience as it has helped me also to prove on my level of influence as I commit myself to it.

  • John says:

    This is a power packed, highly motivating write up. I am immensely blessed. Sadly, I couldn’t keep up with the challenge but this write up has widened my horizon and helped me to see how we are our greatest and only limiting factor and if only, we could surmount all odds and continue we will excel in whatever we lay our hands to do. God bless you!

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