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Remember The Improvement Challenge? Last month, I started and ended an Improvement Challenge that lasted for twenty-one days. For more information, click. Emmanuel Faith joined in the Challenge (albeit he didn’t inform me) and he sent me his Improvement Challenge story and how it has helped him. Do enjoy!



Our mind is like a rubber band, the more it stretches, the more its effectiveness        
John Maxwell


      I was captivated by my beloved friend’s status which read “21 days improvement challenge”. My adventurous mind pushed me to making some inquisitive enquiry and with few words of persuasion, I was convinced to join this “movement”. Dont mind me, I particularly love puzzles, mental tasks and challenges.

      “What do I want to do consistently for 21 days?” I asked myself. Different ideas flowed through my mind as my thoughts tussled to and fro. After ruminating for a while, I decided to write a poem daily and read a chapter from the book of Proverbs.

       I missed my quill that spilled God’s will, and mine too. With vivid vivacity, I picked up my pen and made it dance heartily, scribbling my first poem titled “Black and White” which was dedicated to all my friends who are barristers in the making.

  Dedicating an hour daily to my newly found quotidian adventure, I wore the clothe of consistency until laziness paid me a visit bringing procrastination along. There was nobody to monitor or check on me (Next time, I suggest we  do this with an accountability partner). I lost my zeal and momentum. However, like Thomas Edison said, “You are not a failure until you fail to try again”, I sent laziness packing and continued with a stronger zeal and guess what! In the span of twenty one days, I wrote twelve poems, two essays and three articles, not forgetting the book of proverbs which I read up to chapter twenty four.

I derived maximum benefit from this challenge and I encourage mental tasks like this often.
                                                                                                  Emmanuel Faith  


Thank you very much, Emmanuel.

Did you join in the 21-day Improvement Challenge? How did it help you? Please send your stories to: lawalorifunke@yahoo.com Looking forward to hearing from you.

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