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Earlier this week, I saw a video of a girl who proposed to “her man” at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, and the guy rejected the proposal. You have most likely seen the video as well. So, I did a poll (as usual) asking ladies if they could propose and asking guys if they could accept a lady’s proposal. As usual again, I got different reactions which made it all too interesting and fun. I got opinions from ladies who said they could propose and those who said they couldn’t. I also got opinions from guys who said they could accept the proposal and guys who, as expected, said they couldn’t.



So, in this post, I am NOT going to tell you IF I can propose to a guy or not. I am going to tell you why I CAN’T.


  1. I think I am just proud

Looool. Yes, I am. If I am going have anything romantic to do with you in the first place, you better be bold enough to ask. Else, even if I am head over heels for you, that feeling is going to my grave with me. Same thing with proposing to you. If you don’t tell me to marry you, I won’t ask. Las las, I will leave you and your relationship with you if you have a problem asking.



2. I like to tell people stories about my life. If you follow me personally, you know this. So, my future husband’s proposal is going to be something I am sure to write about. LMAO. But how will I be able to write it if I was the one who proposed? The story won’t be sweet abeg. So no!



3. See ehn, the words, “Will you marry me?” will be twisting my mouth. They won’t come out well because my home training will be alerting my brain that there is something wrong going on in my mind. And that would ensure that the words going from my mind to my mouth will be distorted so they will eventually not come out. I don’t know but that sounds like something I could have learnt in Biology.



4. I hate hearing the word, “No” when “asking” people for anything. If I was the girl that acted proposed and got rejected… hmmm (laughs in the tongues of saints gone before), I don’t know o but something like blood will flow. Not blood o, something like blood.



5. I won’t forgive myself for ridding myself of the beautiful, angelic, “awwing” moment that I am supposed to have when the lucky Boo eventually goes down on his knees (yes, he must go down on his knees) and says, “Will you marry me?”. You know that highly emotional moment when you feel like, “Oh my God, it’s really happening. I am getting married!” with tears that you try to clean from your eyes so you can see through his heart if he’s serious or not. I must have that moment by force, by fire.


Okay, joking apart. I can actually never bring myself to asking a guy out not because I think, “It has always been a guy’s job to ask” or anything but because I just can’t. If you can’t propose, I can’t either.



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