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I once fell in love with a guy who was younger than I was. Yes, you read that right. We didn’t work out for important reasons (the age was NOT one of them. lol). But I can say one or two things when somebody asks me, “Is age just a number?” Safe to say at this point in my life, I am not trying to think about if it’s possible to date a guy who’s younger than I. Rather, I should be considering if I want to date such a person or not.


But really, I’ve thought about this again and again. Would my relationship with this guy have worked out in the long run? I really don’t know. It might have worked out if he didn’t end up a childish person or if I didn’t turn out a bossy person. But I can’t say because it didn’t work out outside of the age reason. P.S: He was not childish, neither was I bossy.



I do not think there’s anything wrong with dating someone who is younger than you as a lady or dating someone older as a guy. But I really do not think, also, that that’s one situation I would ever like to be in. Not because I won’t respect him but because it would take a whole lot of persuasion for me to actually believe that he won’t ever see any actions on my part as being done because I’m older.


Somebody once told my ex that I was domineering simply because he saw me open a door without allowing my Ex open it while we were walking together. I will never be able to understand the correlation between opening a door myself while my boyfriend was there and being domineering. That’s not the point I am trying to drive at, anyway, but what I am saying is, if I could actually be seen as domineering because of something as irrelevant as that, what would have happened if I was older? He probably would have thought I was doing everything I was doing because he was younger. Too much headache abeg. 


So, for me, I’d say it would take a whole lot of maturity on both sides to deal with a relationship that is against status quo. First, the guy mustn’t have insecurity issues. Else, he might wrongly infer that she’s doing everything she is doing because she is older. I mean, she won’t be able to voice out her displeasure, won’t be able to offer help or whatever simply because, “Is it because you’re older than I am?”


On the other hand, the woman must also be ready to “forget” her age in the relationship. Else, she’ll begin to wonder why she offered to date or marry someone who “acts his age” (you know what that means abi?)



At the end of the day, relationships are not defined by age but by how much we’re ready to accommodate the other person, deal with their strengths and faults and how much we’re ready to actually make the relationship work.


Can I date a guy who’s younger than I am? Yes, definitely, I can. Well, I guess I can.


As usual, I did a poll asking people if age was just a number and I got some responses. Big thanks to everyone who responded. Below are some of the responses I got. Enjoy them and don’t forget to drop your comments before leaving. Thank you! Just in case you want to connect with me on social media, you can follow me on any of these platforms. I’d love to hear from you anytime!


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  • Oluchi says:

    I would never have given this a second thought have I not read the views of other people. My first inclination would have been to roll my eyes and go, “Please age is just a number! Yes I can date someone younger”. I did, 2yrs back and he was about 3yrs younger and the relationship lasted a year.

    But the question for me now is, what’s the age limit? Can I date any age younger so far as he’s matured, responsible and assertive. I’m not sure I can. I won’t be self assured when others judge our every decision based on his age. Intense negative public opinion tend to affect my self esteem and confidence

    Idle head

  • I don’t see anything bad in it as long as the difference is not too much and you can handle it, I mean not being bossy, being submissive and having a mature level of self control.

  • Owolabi Kehinde says:

    I would like to share your sentiments on the subject matter, there’s no biggy in dating a lady older than you do, the most important aspect in this kind of scenario is the “mind”. Two great like minds will always enjoy a beautiful love life regardless of the discrepancy in the number of their years. Trust when I say this because I have once been there.
    Great write up Funke.

  • Smatelela says:

    What’s age when love is playing its role ?
    I’m not talking about the sugar daddy’s type of love or Baby mama’s though. Well, the there’s no big deal as long as they respect each other in terms of understandings and views and also abide by ethical and moral codes ??

  • Magret says:

    Age is not just a number. Its a definition of who you are. What I mean is by the reason of your age, people expect some level of maturity, financial status, marital status and the rest. Above all, to God it is the length of purpose achievement here on earth… My understanding. On the other issue, I will use the word courting. Courting someone younger than me is no big deal as far as I am able to submit to his leadership because this is also what matters to God, submission.

  • Favour Emmanuel says:

    I’d say no because I can’t promise myself to not be bossy.

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