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Asking if I can take a cheating partner back is quite a sensitive question! Lol. I did my usual weekly question-and-answer session last week asking this question, “Can you take a cheating partner back?” Oh, let me gist you. So a few weeks ago, I started asking controversial questions on my social media platforms starting with my whatsapp. It’s been fun for me because I have always loved to have people share their opinions about issues. For me, it makes me see how “different” they can be. I just think I’d be focusing on doing this more often till I probably get bored or till something else interests me. Haha. Okay, so I took this last “episode” to an extra level. I did designs of some of the responses I received after work on a particular day. You’ll get to see them once you scroll down. But before you do, biko, read this one finish first.


I have always said it that I can forgive anything but cheating. For me, cheating is a NO-HELL-NO! I can’t even deal. I can’t imagine it. I can be a very jealous lover and so, if you are my man, you are MY man. So, if my partner cheats on me, taking him back would be one hell of a job. Now see, I don’t know if it’s true for every other person, but cheating would make me go into my shell and start asking myself all the deep questions of my life. “Why would he cheat?”, “Was I not enough?”, “What did she give him?” etc. I will never be able to understand or see a reason why he would cheat on me and it would definitely reflect in my relations with him.


But, can I take a cheating partner back? I really do not know. I have a feeling that all the standards of not taking a cheating partner back may fall flat if he is a guy I really love. I have never been in such a situation before so it’s really quite hard for me to tell right now. Would I be hurt if my partner cheats on me? Yes, definitely. Would I consider breaking up? Yes, I would. If not totally, I’d still have to take a break to clear my head first.


Also, I think the consideration of taking back a partner who has cheated is greatly dependent on the status of the relationship. For one, it is easier to forgive and get back with a partner who has cheated on you if you both are already married. However, if you’re not married, it would take a lot of conviction to get back together. Marriage just has a way of changing the whole equation. You know, marriage is quite hard to break off than a relationship, or so I heard.


So, can I take a cheating partner back? *insert whatsapp sad side-eye* I actually can. Would I take a cheating partner back? If we’re married, yes I would *insert whatsapp dejected smiley here* but IF WE ARE NOT MARRIED, collect faya back! I might. I might not.


At the end of the day anyway, I think it depends, for most relationships, on how well the offender is able to convince the offended one to take him/her back, as well as how much damage has been done by reason of the offence. Or, what do you think?


Check out opinions from the poll and please do drop your comments. Would you take a cheating partner back?

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