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At long last, the dispensation of Change that Nigerians have so anticipated for a long time has come. Hardly could members of the opposition party wait for May the 29th to arrive and now, it has come, and gone. And here we all are, trusting and hoping that this would truly be the season of change we have protested and prayed for all these years. It is of no doubt that every citizen expects the new government to look into the problems we have in this country. And while that is not uncalled for, I am quite afraid that there is one major problem eating Nigeria up hard, that President Mohammadu Buhari might not be able to look into or solve.

Over time on twitter, there have been sessions of uproar which have transpired between people of different tribes (The Igbos and the Yorubas, specifically). I am totally fed up of the unseeming bants the Yorubas throw against the Igbos and vice-versa. You know, this has driven me to think. Perhaps corruption isn’t our greatest problem. Perhaps the lack of love is. Perhaps tribalism is. Furthermore, I ask, if we truly want a better Nigeria, are we looking forward to achieving it this way? Do you ever wonder if the last line of the first stanza of our National Anthem would ever come to pass? How this infuriates me every now and then, not because I am yoruba, but because I hate to see that the so-called great people of a great nation can not even join hands together without thinking of or calling out the faults of other tribes. It is even alarming to think that the open hatred and condemnation amongst Nigerian tribes on the social media is but a shadow of what truly is in reality. If we want to build Nigeria, can we build Nigeria without building one another? And can we build one another without loving one another? I would like to know.

This might mean nothing to you, but I am plain tired of the twitter bants. So, this is what I believe. Buhari might be an agent of true change but this is not a problem I think he would be able to solve because the problem lies in the hands on every Nigerian (you and me) to solve. I know the tribal conflict will come up again on Twitter or on Facebook or anywhere else but I believe that with every Nigerian who will take the effort to love his neighbour without segregating, and without hypocrisy, an effective step will be added to the national journey towards peace and unity.


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  • misterhakeem says:

    Those tribal stereotypical bants on Twitter that people laugh about make me think about how united we really are as a nation. I believe there’s an underlying dose of tribalism, no matter how mild it is, behind those jokes. Go to Nairaland and see how tribal e-wars are being fought there. Anytime a crime is committed, the first thing they check is the name of the criminal. That’ll give them the chance to insult the whole tribe.

    • orifunke says:

      Quite sad, really. The bants make me mad. I do hope we all take the step of stopping tribalism. Tribalism is a smaller form of racism, to me. Thank you very much for reading and also taking the time to comment.

      I went through your blog and I must confess you have a great blog. It’s commendable that you know so much about politics and you endeavour to share your thoughts wonderfully. Well-done.

  • True. Tribalism is a problem only the citizens can solve and I hope we do.

  • damstylee says:

    This is spot on.. We clamor for change but still ignore the real issue behind our shortcomings … until we address the issue of tribalism, we might just be going round and round in circles for a long time..

    Well said Orifunke.

    • orifunke says:

      I couldn’t have agreed more with you. Dami, what do you think we could do to stop tribalism?

      Thank you very much for reading, and for dropping a comment.

  • Buhari is one step in the right direction. He cannot however facilitate a better Nigeria all by himself. As you’ve rightly written, We need to love each other as brothers and sisters, regardless of ethnic divide or state of origin. #SayNotoNigerianXenophobia

  • Lhanrytosh says:

    The funniest thing is that every where I go I hear people saying when Buhari settles down he will attend to every issues like even the ones that’s affecting their families Lol. if we are not careful we might not get to see any change only if we all change our ourselves and our mindset. The change as to begin with everyone of us.

  • tkoko says:

    This piece is spot on…..!

  • Toluwalase says:

    The major problems that Nigerians has based on the better living condition and easeness is what Buhari has in mind for Nigerians, but the case of tribalism and others I hope he sees to it if he actually wants he change to be effective and be felt. Also, I think people wants these more than anything and then if Buhari is the real deal, people will listen to the sound of his voice. #MyThoughts

    • orifunke says:

      Thank you, Toluwalase.

      But, do you think the
      problem of tribalism is
      Buhari’s job to solve? I
      mean, with the great
      responsibilities he is going
      to have for Nigeria, can/ should solving tribalism
      really be in his agenda?

  • Francis O. says:

    This is ma first time here and I love this piece like crazy. I agree with the fact that tribalism is a huge problem in this counTry but realistically speaking, can it be eradicated?

    • orifunke says:

      Hello, Francis! I am extremely pleased to have you here! Thank you for visiting.

      That’s a good question, I must remark. Total eradication might not be possible right now, but I believe that we can actually reduce the level of tribalism in Nigeria to a large extent. It starts with me and you taking the right step and doing the right thing, and it extends to others.

  • sole says:

    Nice write up dear

  • Kehinde Oluwakayode says:

    That’s the whole truth and I pray God helps us out in that

  • goldmedalist says:

    Nice write up…….
    I think love is the key but the president can’t see it…and to be sincere he can’t help Nigeria… All we can do is keep praying for the peace of God which passes all understanding to keep our dear country from the evil days to come.
    One big smile I see you… #GODWIN

  • Olayiwola Olamide Olabimpe says:

    Trueeee…..Nice one sis

  • abeebola says:

    Lol. I’m not really sure about the level of tribalism in the country but as evidenced by the last elections, it’s still pretty high. But when it comes to the twitter banter, they’re just jokes TBH. Many of these guys are friends and while I do not contribute in any form, I do find most of them very funny.
    The real tribalists are out there, in my opinion, I don’t think social media can be used as a yard stick.

  • John says:

    Thanks a lot for this inciteful writing. As said by a friend and which you have rightfully stated, a leader will not bring about the change we so long for; what needs to be changed is our ingrained tribalism and negative way of thinking. I am optimistic that things will be better someday.

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