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I have been in Lagos all my life. And asides the four years I spent in school, away from Lagos, I pretty much have been in Lagos through and through. So when I write a post on the things you should never do in Lagos, trust that I am not just talking from knowledge but from experience. Lol, don’t mind me, I’m just feeling myself. If you’re a lagosian, you will agree with this. And if you’re a new or aspiring lagosian, you’ll definitely need this.

1. Never ever give strangers audience. Five years ago, I almost got scammed by two unknown guys because I stood to listen to them. Let’s say I was fotunate not to have fallen (evidence of a mother’s strong prayers). I have heard similar stories of people who fell prey and who, at the end of the day, end up losing money or other valuable stuff. So please, when someone you don’t know walks up to you and tries to start a conversation with, walk away or totally ignore. Unless you have mind sha.



2. Never go to thrift markets with all your money in one place,if you have a lot of it with you.

This will particularly come in handy for females who regularly visit the market. Cashless transactions aren’t common in thrift markets so you have to deal with carrying money around. I know someone who would split her money into different places (purse, socks, bra… Lol) before going shopping. So if one part got missing, the others remained intact. Absurd, but could save you tears and worries anytime.

3. When a fight breaks out in a place, leave.

Sometimes my amebo attitude will not permit me to run away. I like to still stand and wonder what could have caused the fight and how it would end. My mom hates this and growing up, the first thing she did when a fight broke out anywhere was to carry her children away from there instantly. Why? You never know. The police could come and arrest everybody and put them in prison whether they’re at fault or not. Or, they could start breaking bottles or shooting each other. ?
4. If you’re in public transport, keep your phones or gadgets unless you’re sure you’re extremely safe. I am usually very careful about using my phone when I’m in a public transport. I can’t deal with the trauma of having my phone snatched or being robbed. If you’re in a personal car, do well to wind up always when driving, especially when in a stand-still traffic.
So, what are the things a person should never do in Lagos that I have not highlighted? Please use the comments box.
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  • Olaitan says:

    I can relate to that first point. Probably because of human nature or because situations pushed some people, the rate at which dubious people shoot their shot is so so annoying in Lagos.
    “Brother, I’m looking for this place” and all their rubbish.
    The best thing is to keep to one’s self mehn.

  • Your points are so relatable..I especially dislike staying in a place where there is chaos…Fights on the streets of lagos can get really brutal in nano seconds

  • Korayday says:

    Had a good laughtl reading this…Hehe

    Makes me even more terrified of this city

  • As a lagosian, I must agree with you. I also think you write pretty good too. Keep on shining dear!

  • It’s funny. I recently just wrote an article about how paranoia is an advantage for surviving in this jungle called Lagos, and now, this. So relatable. I couldn’t agree more with the responses you proffered for every of those scenarios described. Those are just the appropriate measures to avoid stories that touch.

    • Orifunke Lawal says:


      Paranoia as an advantage for surviving in Lagos? Now that sounds like something I’d really like to read. Mind dropping the link to the article?

      And thanks for dropping by, Biyi.

  • Lara says:

    I always ignore them, always o. I don’t care, it may seem heartless, but one has to be careful, so many people around me have fallen prey, that it would be stupid of me, to not mind my business and keep my mouth shut. Buses, it better to clutch your phones and things, hmm, so you know it’s within sight, just don’t display it prominently lol.

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