Orifunke Lawal

You’re not too old.

This morning, I was speaking with someone dear and I told him that whenever I find myself in a potentially emotionally draining situation, I remind myself that I am too young to be facing that kind of thing.

When there’s something I want to start, I tell myself that I am not too old for that.

Why do I do this? I do this because I understand how much pressure you could unknowingly create for yourself when you put yourself under that age scrutiny.

You’re 25, you’re thinking you’re too old for this or that. You’re 27, you’re allowing yourself think you’re too old. At the end of the day, you hinder yourself from doing certain stuff because you’ve put that age bracket on yourself.

Studies have shown that people naturally find it harder to take risks as they grow older simply because they feel they’re too old for them. This means that your chances of starting a business at 22 are greatly reduced when you’re 35 because then you want to think about your age. In that case, your age restricts you.

Other times, people find it harder to apply for certain roles and jobs as they grow older because they feel they’re too old for them.

Feeling like you’re too old can also prevent you from subjecting yourself to learning from someone who is younger than you are, to your own disadvantage.

Do. Not. Be. Restricted. By. Your. Age. Darling.

Of course, when it comes to certain immature stuff, feel free to let yourself know you’re too old for that. But do not allow yourself to be boxed into old age before you actually get old.

Like I told my friend this morning, I honestly don’t feel old. And when I am 54, I still would not feel like I’m too old. I will enjoy this baby girl status for life. ?

How has the pressure of being “too old” stopped you from doing certain things or reaching out to certain people? Do you think it’s something you should correct?

I have attached an image that you could post on your status or social media and include what you’re not too old to do.

I am not too old to start to pursue my dreams. I am not too old to leave that bad relationship. I am not too old to take that course. I am not too old to start that business or project. I am not too old to find better experiences. I am not too old to find the love of my life. ??

My name is Orifunke Lawal and I am planning to send you posts like this all through the month of May. If you wouldn’t like that, please let me know so I can remove you from my BC list. I hate BCs too unless they’re important to me ?

Thank you! If you’re re-BCing, kindly include credit because you’re not too old to be sued for plagiarism sha. ???

Please, let me know what you think.

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