WhatsApp Blast: How to Organize, Market & Monetize WhatsApp Classes

WhatsApp Blast!

How to start organizing, marketing and making money from WhatsApp Classes.

I organized my first WhatsApp class two years ago… fearfully. I had felt a need to teach a number of individuals and brands how to use Twitter. I mean, I could use Twitter very well, knew the ropes and wanted to help other people know what I knew too. Right?

But I had an issue. 

I didn’t know if anybody would want to join an online class in learning how to use Twitter. Let alone even pay for it. 

I really felt there was someone out there who needed what I had to offer but I was scared of putting myself out there. 

Safe to say, I was scared of failing. 

But I just told myself, “Fuck it, really. If nobody enrolls for my class, what would it remove from my life?”

And that was the personal motivation I needed to put the word out there.

So I embarked on this journey. I did a design on Canva to help communicate what my Twitter class would be about and I shared it on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Before I knew it, I started having comments and messages. I almost couldn’t believe it. It was scary and crazy at the same time. 

And with that, I organized my first WhatsApp class.

Since then, I have organized personal public and private classes on  WhatsApp that have turned out very well in terms of participants and, of course, income. 

Having organized regular WhatsApp classes, it baffles me as to why not many people have regular WhatsApp classes yet. With how much they’ve helped me in selling relevant products of mine and building networks with people I initially didn’t know, I am surprised as to why most people aren’t thinking in that direction yet. 

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When I started to admit people into the class, I found out that it wasn’t as easy and straightforward as I had thought. 


There was a lot more that I had to learn. 


And this is what you need to know if you want to organize a WhatsApp class; it goes beyond just finding a topic and asking people to join your group. It takes a number of qualities and resources and subtle knowledge that nobody tells you about. 


Yes, there are a lot of things that I now know about organizing a WhatsApp class that people want to pay for. 

And that’s basically why I am organizing this class. 


I want to help individuals, small brands and businesses understand this new way of building a community around their brand and having a ready-audience for their products or basically building authority.

What's the Big Deal About WhatsApp Classes?

If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, it’s simple. 

1. It is cheap. You don’t need to spend a ton getting a website all set up to be able to take online classes. Of course, websites are important. But if you cannot afford that right now, this is something you can make do with. 

2. You don’t have to be “techy”. If you’re bothered about not knowing much about tech, trust me, you don’t have to be scared. 

3. It is accessible. Most people who have mobile phones have access to their WhatsApp even more than other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And of course, most people check their Whatsapp way more than their emails. Does this count for something?

4. It is a very easy way to build online authority. A lot of people have come to know me because they once attended a class I organized. Some of these people have gone on to introduce me to other people because they got value from the class and that way I have been able to get other personal gigs for Whatsapp Classes. 

Who Can Enroll?

Anybody can enroll! Whether you run a small, budding brand or a business that functions solely online. Or whether you are simply looking at gaining authority as a thought leader in your industry. Anybody can enroll. And everybody should enroll, actually. 

What Will You Learn?

From the 1st to 3rd of February, 2018, I will be teaching a group of amazing individuals how to organize, market and monetize WhatsApp classes. If you enroll for the class, I am going to be teaching you how to:

1. Overcome your fear of organizing a WhatsApp class, whether free or paid. 

2. Turn your interests, skills and/or ideas into topics that you can teach.

3. Decide if your topic ideas are sellable so that you do not waste time or money organizing a class that NOBODY will pay for. This is called validating your topic idea.

4. Set up your class like a Pro so that those enrolling can trust and respect you, long after the class. 

5. Create a publicity strategy for marketing your class.

6. Find, create and package excellent and useful content in various forms for your class participants.

7. Get people to pay for your class.

8. Convert your class into an online community of people who will always want to answer to you, your services or your products.

9. Be a part of a budding community of other individuals like you who are also on the way to getting a consistent stream of income via WhatsApp Classes.

P.S: I would also be following you up and seeing to it that you actually organize your first class. Promise!

Is This Something You Really Need?

If you’re interested in organizing, marketing and monetizing online classes, you can get in by paying an amount of 5000naira only. 



However, if you enrol between NOW and 20th January, you get it for 2500naira ONLY, after which it moves back up to 5000naira. 


So, are you ready for this or would you like to think about it, come back much later and pay the 5,000naira? That would be fine by me, really! *grins*

Please, let me know what you think.

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