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I grew up in a society where being a housewife was totally frowned at by the literates of the society. And that society is the same society where I still live. I have begun to really wonder why being a housewife seems like such a taboo for both men and women alike. Everybody seems to agree on the fact that no woman should consider being a housewife, especially if she’s educated. Why spend so many years going to school when you’re going to sit down for the rest of your marriage in your house doing “nothing”?

While I am not of the opinion that a woman should be stuck in the home after marriage, I still believe doing so is not a bad idea. I have always been an ambitious person and I have never much fancied not having a regular job. But then, I am beginning to have a re-think. While I don’t want to sit down at home absolutely doing nothing, I do not think I am mentally ready for the stress of going to work all day and then coming back to face the stress of the house. Lol, yes I am that lazy. I would prefer a job where I can sit down at home and keep getting the money and still be able to keep an eye on my children.

Okay, this post isn’t about me. What I’m saying is, there is really nothing wrong with being a full housewife. What if a lady thinks she wants to approach being a full-time housewife as a full-time job? Why disagree with her? “Funke, times have changed. We’re no longer in ‘those days'”, you want to protest. And I totally understand. But who says being a housewife isn’t a job anyway? No, it isn’t just a job, it is a life.

Imagine having to pay someone who will wholeheartedly take care of and look after your kids. Or someone who will cook your meals. Or watch after the house. And at the end of the day, function well in “za oda room”. Imagine having to pay for each of them. Well, unless you’re wealthy, paying for these may not be so easy.

What am I saying? There is nothing wrong with being a housewife. A woman should be able to make her own decisions and we should be able to respect that. If a woman decides that with all her degrees, she wants to stay at home and be a housewife, leave her be. It doesn’t make her irrelevant or less important than other “career women”.

So here’s for all the full housewives out there who are receiving little or no recognition for their jobs well done. You all are doing an amazing job and I celebrate you for it. For all I know, housewives are pretty much as relevant to our society as much as every other career woman. They shouldn’t be looked down on or seen as “unambitious” or weak.

Or, what do you think?

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  • Ibemere Uchechukwu says:

    hmm, I never knew being a full-time wife taking care of the kids and functioning well in “za other room” requires to be paid for just like a corporate job.. My mum sidelined her whole carrier to marry a successful igbo pharmacist (my dad) back on the 80s thinking things will continue to go on just like a bed of roses, but today this woman is the one struggling to provide 80% of daily bread for a family of 6. Think twice before settling to being a full house wife. Bye

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Ermmmm… Now this is touching.

      I agree with thinking deeply before settling down as a housewife. I’m just saying if a woman decides to do so, she shouldn’t be seen as a less of a woman.

  • oluchee says:

    It’s because majority of ladies have successfully attempted being a housewife plus a career woman and passed at it. The others that choose only the former will be looked down on ofcourse. I think we’ve passed the times where housewifeship can be tolerated. Simply because it’s requires little of brain work and tasks that are more routinal, it can be structured to give the ladies ample time for different tasks.
    Personally I believe housewives, if not physically challenged or medically unable, or business savvy, are just simply lazy.
    Stay-home mums are not same as housewives in my opinion

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Absolutely well-said!

      Wait, what’s the difference? I’ve thought they meant the same thing all my life.

      And thank you for commenting. ?

      • oluchee says:

        I feel the stay home mums are the ones that basically work from home, even while catering for their kids. Not necessarily out of jobs. My opinion though

        • Orifunke Lawal says:

          You have a point. I think I’d do more research on that. It just occurred to me that most stay-at-home moms do work from home.

  • Nice thought!. i think the society should understand that womanhood is first about making a successful home, but it does not STOP there. Every married woman should be a housewife first, then other things follows, including career. The hick-ups is, wanting to be a FULL house wife. That’s like building a foundation( the most important aspect of a building), then leaving it at that. There is more to womanhood than the home, the society needs her uniqueness, just lyk there is more to the building than the foundation. THE HOME REMAINS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE SOCIETY THOUGH.

Please, let me know what you think.

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