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What do you think every lady hates most about being a woman? No, sit down and imagine this if you are a guy.


Let me guess your guess (pun intended). You’ll probably say it’s having to do house chores or cooking. Or being hit on by guys she has no interest in. Whatever-


You want to know what I hate most about being a woman? No, it’s not house chores (of course, I hate house chores with a beautiful passion except for washing plates. I can wash plates for Africa)


No, it’s not cooking. Even though I have not cooked in a very long while as I hardly have the time to cook, I really really love cooking.


Oh, I do hate being hit on by guys I do not like in any way, especially by those Yaba vendors who always pull you to buy stuff when you’re passing by. But, no, I can still deal with that.


So what is it that I hate most about being a woman?


MENSTRUAL PERIODS!!! (insert crying smiley here)



Every time when it’s that time of the month for me, I always ask myself why on earth I have to go through the stress of having blood ooze from my body because I didn’t get pregnant. I mean… I can’t imagine bringing out blood from me for five days every month. (Actually, I can imagine because I do. Lol)


And you know what? I have a short menstrual cycle so most times, I have my cycle TWICE A MONTH. Imagine that? Imagine that!


I hate the pain that comes with it. But that’s not all…



I hate my emotional moodswings; how I can suddenly feel like crying for no reason ever or feel so sad.



I hate the feeling of hopelessness I usually have towards the start of my cycle and through it.


I have crazy and unusual cravings and I don’t even feel like eating that much when I’m on.


I hate the edgy feeling that comes and how every thing or everyone can be annoying.


And finally, I hate how big my cheeks get when it’s close to my period! I mean, people see me around this period and think I am gaining weight. (I just wonder what I would like when I am pregnant.)


The menstrual cycle is just a crazy cycle. I will never be able to understand what on earth I did to deserve it.



I know someone who is reading this would probably think it not right to write a post about menstruation but before you tell me anything, just know that I am currently on my period. You know what that means? It means I can be very edgy right now. So, don’t step on my toes. Thanks.


Which brings me to ask… why do people feel uncomfortable about talking about or listening to any talk about menstrual cycles? I strongly think that a lady shouldn’t be shy and uncomfortable about her period. And sensible guys should know that having a menstrual cycle is just normal and you should treat it just as it is- normal.


If you have a girlfriend, one of the things that you will need to know is when your girlfriend is on her period and also to know the different feelings that come along with it for her. It would help you to handle her better and not feel awkward if she does something you don’t particularly like during this period.


Just saying, anyway.


I should snap out of how I feel in two or three days. I’ve not stopped taking sugary stuff anyway. I have found out that taking sugary things gives me the sugar rush that I need or else, I’d just be so so dull.


Thank you for reading.


See you again, soon.


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  • Ola says:

    As for me, I’ve accepted menstrual period oh. What I don’t like is when guys I don’t like hit me up, I don’t really get angry with those Igbo boys because they’re trying to sell their stuffs. But guys that I’m older than or doesn’t have my specs for guys, it pisses me off like shit.

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