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The Art of Social Writing is a guide for everyone who wants to take the bull by the horns and build their social writing skills. The book is basically me making the whole process as simple as possible for you so you can start to build your brand online.


Following my recovery from a terrific illness and enjoying the first few days of my leave from work, I decided to set out to writing something that a lot of people have asked me to teach them. As a social media writer, I get a lot of requests from people who want me to show them how I am able to come up with enlightening, audacious, sometimes humorous posts and how they can also implement the same for themselves.

I also took a survey early this year asking people what they’d like me to teach them if they had the opportunity to choose and more than a few mentioned they’d basically like to know how to write the way I write and have a loyal following on social media.

So, if you have always wondered what principles I follow when it comes to building my personal brand through social writing, how I get opportunities from social media and how I am able to get people looking forward to my posts, then this is for you.


In the 55-paged book, I have tried to cover major topics I get asked questions on a lot like:

– How to start writing on social media even if you’re not a pro.
– What kind of content to create and a few ideas for you.
– Why you should take advantage of storytelling and how to start.
– And more, really.

At the end of some chapters, I have also included a form of exercise sheet that you can download and print out to help you gain more clarity while reading.

Does this sound like a book you’d need? I gotcha! ??

To download, just click on this link: DOWNLOAD THE ART OF SOCIAL WRITING and have your copy delivered to your inbox. If you do not find it in your inbox in ten minutes, check your promotions folder and move it to your Primary tab. Cheers!

P.S: And oh, it’s free! Yes, I know it’s crazy but it’s absolutely free. You’re welcome!

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