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Hiiiii. So, I’m telling you this gist on a full tummy of small chops and sorry I do not mean to make you salivate. But I figured I didn’t want to keep this gist to myself and that’s why I’m telling you.
About two weeks ago, someone on twitter started a giveaway thread where people could give whatever they wanted to give to anybody who wanted them. I went through the thread o as per there is nothing God cannuh do and I saw a twitter handle (@smallChopsng) saying they had a box of beautiful small chops that could feed six people and they were going to give for free. Aye mi! Izz like you peepu deenuh know that Jollof rice is King while small chops are the second in command.


For my non-Nigerian readers, “small chops” refers to a collection of different snacks that are small in size but are perfectly complementary and are usually put in a pack or served on small plates in parties.


As I saw the tweet, I ran into their DM to collect it. *side eye* Yes, I wanted to collect it. So I was told they were going to do a poll because they had already had a number of requests. I wasn’t the only one who wanted small chops after all. I almost gave up because I just thought that if they were going to do a poll then I wasn’t sure I was going to win. This was because I had never done won a giveaway before and didn’t know how to start scouting for votes.


On Thursday, @burmese_tyga did the poll and after asking some people to vote for me, I won the poll. I had a friend (@itannaoluwa) who even asked his followers to vote for me. To God be the glory, the promise of the small chops was mine and I had to await the delivery today, Monday.


I had already decided I wouldn’t buy lunch today so I was eagerly waiting for the delivery guy to come deliver. Around past 11, I received a call from someone from smallChopsng. My God, my joy knew no bounds. I sprang up from my office chair and ran downstairs to meet the guy.


I arrived at the guy’s bike just as he brought out the box from his bike container. I wanted to faint with excitement. Like Chisos! Why’s it so big! The box of small chops actually looked like a box of pizza. No, I think it looked like a box of cake. I fell in love with the colour of the package (My God, the package was too fine. Very simple but very fine) and I majestically carried the box into my office.

Fisayo! Rufus! Shey you remember that small chops giveaway I said you people should vote for me for? I won!”, I exclaimed, placing the box on the table. I felt so fulfilled.
The small chops were plentyyy o. There were:

-Six Pieces of chicken, not kinkini chicken o. And the chicken was grilled, way better than fried ones.

-Six pieces of meat, I think they were slightly peppered, can’t remember. But they were sizeable and tasty, not like those 50naira meats food sellers usually sell.

-Six pieces of spring rolls. I first tasted spring rolls at a function seven years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. I usually reserve my spring rolls for the last simply because I love them. They had a smooth taste and were succulent.

-Six pieces of Samosa. You know that triangular snack you always find in a small chops pack? Yes. After spring rolls, I love these ones next. I loved how they put some corn and delicious pieces of meat. I didn’t want to finish it.

-Multiple Pieces of Mosa. You know that snack that looks like puff-puff but tastes like honey and milk and is chocolate brown in colour? It tasted like it was from the land flowing with milk and honey (Bible people should understand that)

-Multiple pieces of puff-puff. I liked the puff-puff because they weren’t burnt but I don’t really like puff-puffs so…

So how did small chops make me a boss at work today? I shared it amongst all my colleagues. Loool. It was for 6 people na. How could I have finished it alone? I have also taken some for my younger sister, Olawunmi, at home. Sadly, my grandma, who I stay with, no longer has teeth for small chops. She’ll have to stick to Ogi.


Big thanks to SmallChopsng for making me have a merry Christmas. Forget, even if I don’t eat Christmas chicken or party jollof rice this Christmas, I am already okay.


If you would like to check them out, you could visit their website http://www.smallChops.ng  and you could follow them on twitter (@smallChopsng) and on Instagram (@smallChopsng)


P.S: I am still accepting Christmas gifts so don’t be afraid to reach out to me o.

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