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“Lady with Balls”, a growing online community of ladies has launched its campaign for June tagged “#StrongIsShe”. The aim of the campaign is to share the self-told stories of women who are strong in their own rights. Every woman is strong, irrespective of whatever she has gone through or is going through. The objectives of the campaign are to:

1. Let people know that it’s okay to not have it all figured out before you tell your story. It’s okay to be a work in progress and still show the parts of you that make you strong.

2. Encourage other people who might currently be going through what you’re going through and who will derive encouragement and the balls to keep on keeping on.

The initiative which first began in July last year embarks on different campaigns every month in order to help members grow in capacity and continually support one another. This June is for the #StrongIsShe campaign.

lady with balls #strongisshe

To be a part of the campaign, read the following:

– Stories will be posted all through the month of June on the Lady-with-Balls’ social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
– You can choose to remain anonymous if there are details you would like to save your face for, and not necessarily just because you are shy.
– Stories are not meant to bring pity-party. They can be gruesome or crazy but at the end of the day, let us know how you are dealing and how you have dealt with it.
– If you do not claim anonymity, you will have to include your image (most preferably a clear non-selfie picture taken by a digital camera or a good phone camera, if possible). We will also need your email address so we can notify you if your story has been posted.
– Stories will NOT be altered but will be proofread and edited for errors for ease of reading of the audience.
– You can also join in the campaign by uploading a picture of yourself on IG, telling your story and tagging @ladywithballsng using the hashtags #ladywithballs and #strongisshe. Please, note that tagging us and using the hashtags is important so we can still find your story.

lady with balls #strongisshe


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If you would like to send in your story, click on this link to fill in the form: #StrongIsShe – A Lady-with-Balls Campaign

To stay up-to-date with stories:

Follow Lady with Balls on Instagram: @ladywithballsng

Like Lady with Balls on Facebook: Lady with Balls

Follow Lady with Balls on Twitter: @ladywithballsng

Please, let me know what you think.

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