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Hello! Welcome to #FreshGradTales ??? Today, we have an interview with Mr Kehinde Martin who is a fresh graduate from the department of Geography, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Kehinde Martin hails from Ikakumo Akoko in Ondo State and is the last born of a family of six and enjoys football and reading. I am sure you definitely would enjoy his interview.
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How has OAU been for you from Part One till now?

Let me begin. I started as a Science student before I transferred to the Social Sciences due to some circumstances.  In spite of this, OAU is a school that taught me real life issues. I would say the journey from Part One till now has been challenging, full of ups and downs. The OAU sojourn has moulded me to be a better version of me

Having to cross from the sciences to a department you didn’t have any intention to study in the first place, what did it feel like at first?

I would say it was very difficult at first, psychologically, most especially. I found it quite difficult to acclimatize myself to my new department but the support of my dad and siblings was there for me. I told myself I needed to mix and feel at home, which the Lord helped me to do.

All right. Are there any experiences you wouldn’t forget in a long while that you faced on campus- whether good, bad, funny or embarrassing?

Yeah.. There was this terrible illness I had in 2012, November to be precise. The intervention of God and a family friend ensured that I came through it unscathed. I had a lot of good experiences too, but I wouldn’t forget the day Dr. OLAPOJU called my name in GPY202 class (Economic Geography) and announced that I had the best score in GPY 201. I saved the date in my diary… *laughs*

Were you in any relationship(s)?

Nope. Not on OAU campus anyway.

Really, Why?
Lol..I didn’t have any before I left Geology. Getting to Geography, a new department, a new opportunity to start everything afresh, I recognized the issue of boyfriend-girlfriend as a potential unwanted distraction.

Could you share some of the life lessons OAU taught you with us?

Like I have earlier said, OAU is a school that has taught me many things. Discipline is an important lesson OAU has taught me. Maintaining a balance with the stressful demands of academics, spiritual activities and social life requires a huge discipline. Nothing comes easy in OAU. With this, the school has taught me to be strong mentally and always be prepared for anything. I do say that if you can survive OAU with all her trouble, thriving the outside world shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Any words of advice for current students?

A wise man once said, “Greatness is never achieved by never falling but by rising each time we fall”. Every successful person out there has had their own moment of real darkness too but what distinguished them eventually is their tenacity, doggedness and never-say-die attitude. To the current students of Geography and OAU at large, I would advise they shouldn’t let go of their academic dream and aspirations come what may. You will have challenges, for sure, but your ingenuity in turning your challenges to blessings and stepping stones to success will eventually define you. OAU will shake and almost break you, but never give up because all these will eventually make you.

Thank you, Mr Martin. Any final words, requests or shoutouts?

My shout out goes to my classmates- the Eximius class of 2016, my friend Oliyide Olushesi and other people who in one way or the other have helped made my OAU journey a success. I say God bless you all. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the time. 

I really appreciate you too ma’am. You are always welcome.
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