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Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us today of #FreshGradTales. Today, I am very pleased to have Damilola Ajani, a fresh graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and he studied Materials Engineering. From his interview, though, you can easily tell that this is one of those people who really love UNILAG. Loool. But you will learn one or two things from his interview and I do hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to drop your comments when you’re done.



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How would you describe your journey through the university?

It was terrible, in fact, horrible! I titled my Faculty, “A prison yard”. We didn’t do interesting things; No parties, no clubbing. (Laughs) I don’t like those though. But really, my journey throughout the university was no fun at all.

What were the best thing and worst thing about attending your university?

The best thing about my university is the same thing I do tell people. One thing I’m sure about UNILAG is; once you miss it academically, you’d use your talents to be great. It’s a platform where you can showcase what you love. UNILAG is a school you can be and make money if only you’re smart. I don’t think there’s any worst thing about my university.

If you had an opportunity to start all over again, would you still pick your university? Why or why not?

Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!! I would pick my university over and over again but I will never choose any course relating to Engineering?. If I hear anything Engineering, I will japa (run away). I would choose UNILAG again because it’s a school where you’ll improve academically and socially. Besides, You can’t be a graduate of UNILAG and not have sense (not make money)… Laelae (Not at all)!

If you had a second chance as a student, what would you do better?

Ehhhh, If I had another chance as a student, I would learn and perfect my photography skills or learn Tailoring. And I’ll just make money and create perfect awareness in school.

What did you learn most from being a student in your university?

I learnt so many things… First was how to dress well. You can be intelligent and make sense simultaneously. This is obviously what all UNILAG students possess. I learnt how to relate well with people. I discovered it’s only your attitude that can make you remain at the top, not your certificate.

Tell us about your relationships, maybe?

I dated one very fair and beautiful lady before entering the university. That was my first relationship and we dated till I got to my second year. I guess I wasn’t giving her what she wanted?(you don’t need to know that) so she broke up with me because of that and it affected me academically a bit. I had the worst G.P that semester. I don’t break ladies’ hearts, I fear God?.

What challenges did you have as a student?

The only challenge I faced in school was the funds aspect. I used to leave school for work when classes were going on. I did all kind of jobs as a man to feed myself and get materials for subsequent weeks in school. So, it affected me a bit too.

How were you able to combine having a side-hustle with your academics? 

I must confess it wasn’t good. I wish I had a choice but I just had to do it. 

Do you think you would have graduated with a better grade than you did if you didn’t have to work alongside schooling? 

Yes, I would have. I’d have had more time to read assiduously and rest better. 

Would you say you had any achievements? If yes, what are they?

Yes! I was exposed to a lot of things; I did a lot of certification programming while in school and I met the best set of people in UNILAG.

What advice do you have for those who are still students in higher institutions and those who are looking at going to school soon?

Focus and be Determined. When I was in 300 level, I had written my letter of deferment already because I was extremely tired of school. But I was determined to keep going and finish it at once and I was focused too. For the soon-to-be students, acquire skills before entering school. It would help you a lot in school. Add skills to the certificate you’re pursuing. Get professional certificates for any skills you acquire, it might be relating to your field of study or not.

Now that you’re a graduate, what’s next for you?

Now that I’m a graduate, the next step is to make money; Cool money, travel all over the world, get married and have sex?

Any final words?

Whatever you do, be good at it because one day, your knowledge will be challenged and only the studious will not fall victims.

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#FreshGradTales is a series of interviews for fresh graduates from ALL universities in Nigeria. This initiative aims at hearing and sharing the stories, struggles, achievements and experiences of fresh Nigerian graduates. We do believe everyone has a unique story that someone somewhere would love to read and benefit from reading as well. 




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