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Uh-hmm… It feels awkward writing again. Well, It’s good I’m back!

Good day, Great Ladies and Gentlemen, It is sooooo great to have you here once again! If you’re visiting for the first time, you’re welcome and thank you! I hope you’d learn one or two things from this. Please remember to drop your comments. Thanks!


We all want to be successful and standing beside the fact that we want to be successful is the reality that we have to see ourselves as successful people before we can actually be successful.


In this world of ours, it is not unusual to hear someone say, “I can’t do this!” or “I can’t make it” or whatever. The devil has put so many things around us that have made so many of us think and believe negative things about ourselves. One reason why many of us can’t do something is not because we can’t do it, but because, more often than not, we do not believe we can do it. We have all grown up in different places, with different people and have heard words of encouragement and criticism at one point or the other. The bad thing is many of us care more about what other people think of us, we care more about what other people say of us. We fail to realize that in this journey of life, those who always end up winning are those who can see themselves winning in the first place. I think it’s an important life rule that for you to be great, you gotta see yourself as a great person. You can’t be who you do not think you are. And success, greatness starts from thinking and believing- not what others think and believe about you but what you think and believe about yourself.

I do not know the kind of words you grew up hearing and I do not know the kind of words you hear now. People would always be there to remind you of your flaws, they’re always going to tell you that you can’t do a particular thing. If you think you’re always going to have support from people, my dear, you’re dreaming! People are always gonna tell you what they think about you. Many people aren’t going to believe in your dream or vision. But you know what, life’s a game, and you can only win by seeing yourself as who God sees you and as who you want to be. God sees you as a great person, people could see you as a small person, what are you seeing in YOU? What are you saying about YOU? What do you think about YOU? What do you believe about YOU?


It’s high time you stopped listening to the negative things people are saying. Greatness starts from within. It starts from what YOU think and believe. It is your life and that’s why what you think is highly important. You shouldn’t give other people the chance to rule you for YOU. Whatever it is that you know you want to start, pray about it, get God’s approval and go ahead. The devil is always going to put discouraging, criticizing people and conditions around you but you don’t worry! Get past them! Bother less about what they think. God wants you to be great, see yourself as that great person! In your success story, the only person who really matters is YOU!

You can make it! You’re great! You’re important!


I am Orifunke Lawal. I know God sees me as a great person. So that’s what I am. That’s who I am and that’s what I’ll always be. I am One Great Woman.



Thanks a whole lot for reading through! Please don’t forget to drop your comments. Contradictions, Corrections and Contributions would be highly appreciated!

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