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“Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses”- George Washington


For every good and important decision you’re going to have to make in your life, you would be faced with two conditions: One, a reason why you should do it, and two, an excuse why you can not do it. More often than not, the force of the excuse outweighs that of the reason. I believe it is absolutely safe to say that excuses are the greatest hinderances to achievable goals. Most people give excuses for almost everything they’re supposed to do but do not want to do or do not feel like doing. I do too. It most probably is the reason why we have far more failures in our world today than successes.


Perhaps it is just a natural inclination for people to put a blame on one thing or give an excuse for another. We blame our poor backgrounds, insufficient funds, lack of resources, incapability, little or no support from people and any other irrelevant thing we can get our hands on. If there was ever a great idea that once crossed my mind, or a great opportunity that once crossed my path that later didn’t materialize, it was most probably because I found an excuse that did not make it work.


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”- Jordan Belfort


Why haven’t you drawn that business plan that you thought of yet? Why haven’t you started writing that book yet? Why haven’t you learnt that skill yet? Why haven’t you enrolled for that class yet? Why haven’t you recorded that song yet? Why haven’t you started developing a close relationship with God yet? Why haven’t you…? I could keep asking you a thousand more questions and you would have excuses for each of them. You know what? You will always have excuses not to achieve your goals, but all you need is one reason why you should. Excuses are enemies of progress. I bet we would achieve more if we stopped making excuses. Make a commitment today to find a reason to do something good and worthwhile amidst a hundred excuses not to do it.


“It doesn’t matter if you come from the inner city. People who fail in life are people who find lots of excuses. It’s never too late for a person to recognize that they have potential in themselves.”- Benjamin Carson


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  • observer says:

    I would love to comment on this but I don’t want people to judge how I write. I’m afraid I won’t get my points across clearly. I’m afraid you won’t even appreciate my comment. I have many excuses.

  • I really like the post. It makes utmost sense to me. To be candid, I never thought that one can not achieve one’s goal as long as the person is still breathing.

  • Bolu says:

    Sometimes, excuses might be genuine. More so, not everyone gets the opportunity some people get. So, it’s actually down to making the best use of opportunities when they come.
    Opinions divided!

  • oluwadunni says:

    Sweetheart, this piece totally resonates with the current events of my life. In fact, this is similar to what I’ve been hearing these days, and reading in Covey’s book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. The first rule: Be Proactive, is not much different from what you’ve written here. Thanks for sharing. May God help us do the right things!

  • Christopher says:

    “Why haven’t you started writing that book yet?”. Well, of a truth, that question touched me, but I think I’m not making an excuse when I say its cos most publishing houses here are crap and wouldn’t take it, but still, I read this to the end, and I might as well start looking for at least ONE reason to keep writing. Thanks for sharing.

    • orifunke says:

      Thank you,Christopher. I understand the issue of not-too-good publishing houses down here in Nigeria. But I appreciate that you found something to hold on to from the post still. Thank you. Please,send me the link to your blog or wherever I can read your write-ups.

  • damstylee says:

    Team no-excuses from today….

    Thank for this Funke.
    and that quote from Belfort; Spot On!

  • oguns says:

    true , I wasted most of June to excuses. the truth is immediately you start executing the plans you set out ..you’ld discover that the excuses were never meant to be

  • When I saw an enemy named E I had no idea. But then I saw excuses, i’m like oh that makes sense, I probably won’t have left a comment but no excuses Right? So here, nice post. Thanks for sharing. I’ll make no excuses not to blog Anymore! 🙂

  • Nice post.
    In my experience, excuses are a sure pathway to regrets. Today the excuse may appear justifiable but down the line, I’ve found that weighed against what may have been a potential success or even failure, the excuse never holds its own. It is almost never worth it.
    Better to try and fail, than to make excuses and not try at all.
    The worst thing about making excuses is that it limits us from stretching ourselves to be more because it offers itself as a ‘safety net’.

    There is such joy in staring that excuse in the face and going ahead to be and do it anyway.

  • Caleb Adebayo says:

    Nice one orifunkelawal. Its a true life situation you painted here. Keep it up and keep me in4md of more updates.

  • @nub3h0reb says:

    Hey funke, the E, I saw was almost the thoughts of OAU E’s in exams but its good to know that there are other E’s in our lives that need no spaces…thank for di piece of wisdom..God bless ur pen

  • adeoye seyi says:

    It wink me off to understand how excuses stand as an enemy to one’s life or success. Well friend i appreciate your ideas. To what extent for me thinking about the excuses of my past at that single moment.uncountable excuses…. Nice one keep it up….

  • Gabriel says:

    Welldone Funke. This is lovely. Kudos. Keep it up!

  • @CuteYorubaBoi says:

    A good and inspiring piece, precise too.

  • Nice piece. #TEAMNOEXCUSES from now on .

  • Nice piece! That is the truth we must all stand to accept as a plain failure on our sides.An habit having its free flow in our blood streams which if allowed to continue to have a free day will land us in a land of stupefying retrogression and as well keep us at a mediocre equilibrium.

  • maxxokoedion says:

    I go all the way with Eloho!

    Well done.

  • Timi says:

    This just talks about what happens with most people today.
    Funke you hit the nail on thehead.
    “Why haven’t you written that business plan yet?” See ehn, I have like 5 business plans I should/could have written but… excuses.
    We all need to start making resolutions, and see to it that we scrap excuses and as Nike says: JUST DO IT!!!

  • Stanley says:

    Well… Truth is; *Excuses devalues A man*. Though the excuse may be genuine, it still has the ability to disorganise or even kill a plan if not checked.
    Bless You!

  • Obafemi says:

    A great piece here, glad I found it. It is important that we all realize that “Excuses- passing the bulk” is a killer enemy and top on its list are procrastination and fear. We put off till tomorrow what we ought to do now- “procrastination”, and when we’re fianlly set to do it, a negative unreal caution goes off- “fear”. Thank you for the awareness and exposure Orifunke, God bless you.

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