Optimize Yourself Online

Optimizing Yourself Online.

Learn how to brand yourself online, find your voice, attract vital job opportunities and AVOID BEING JOBLESS after graduation.

When I started working officially IMMEDIATELY after I became a graduate, a lot of people who knew me could barely believe it. I mean, I had just finished school and should have been getting ready to go for NYSC. And there I was starting a fairly well-paying job for my level then. 

What was more interesting was even that for as far as TWO MONTHS before I eventually left school, I already had THREE job offers waiting for me in Lagos. And all of them duly waited for me till I got back and they could interview me. No jokes.


Mind you, I didn’t know anybody. I had no connections. My parents neither. 


If someone asked me how I did it, I could be selfish and tell them “Na God o” like many Nigerian millionaires would.

But while God really has been the major part of my life, I can tell you that landing the jobs have also been as a result of good work I put into my online branding as a student.

Just a little over one year down the line, I have significantly changed jobs once, in the process of changing again… and I am just about to go serve! And in the past one year, I have not asked my parents for a single dime! Plus I can’t even count the number of job offers that have come my way since I said bye to the uni.

One emerging problem of undergraduates is that: You are told that there are not many jobs out there. You are counselled to take extra curricular activities seriously. You are advised to join non-academic organizations just so you can add it to your CV.

But, nobody tells you the most important thing; that today, your potential employers and clients are not looking on the streets for you. They are ONLINE. And if you want them to find you, you need to be able to put some really good work into optimizing yourself online.

That’s why I have decided to do this. In the Optimizing-Yourself-Online class, I am going to be taking you and other undergraduates through the process of

– Building your personal brand; 

– Finding a voice online; 

– Building your online authority

– Self-auditing your online platforms

– Positioning yourself for job opportunities and;

– Generally avoiding being jobless.

I am tired of seeing graduates sitting idly at home without having any alternative when they could have sorted things out in the university. I don’t want that to be you.

Join my upcoming intensive WhatsApp class from November 30th to December 2nd, 2018 to learn how to optimize yourself online.

The class is going for 6000naira but...
I am giving you a 50% discount IF
you sign up between NOW AND 6PM ON FRIDAY.
A brand is an entity with a unique identity,and branding myself has opened great doors for me. As a person,the perception I send across consciously or unconsciously gives people different impression about me and this got me referrals and opportunities. As a student, I interviewed professor Remi Sonaiya, the only female presidential candidate in 2015. I also interviewed Dike Chukwumerije, Nigerian best best Spoken Words performer. I spoke at a lot of events, met great people and had exhilarating experiences and guess what? I haven't had to write an application since I finished school. We all have the abilities and opportunities to build our own brand,what we want people to see us as and remember us for while in school. Don't waste this chance.
Emmanuel Faith
Writer. Social media manager
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