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Much recently, I began to get more interested in studying and tracking my Facebook posts on my personal account. Sometimes I have posts that get many reactions and other times, I get less reactions than expected. This may not be a widely-given rule. However, if you’re looking at creating content and selling your brand on your Facebook account, this would be helpful. So here’s it- how to engage better with your personal posts on Facebook.

1. Use well-edited pictures

People relate a lot more with well-edited and carefully-taken pictures. Imagine that feeling you have when you see a blurred image? Yes, other people have it too. You don’t necessarily need to be a spectacular photographer. It doesn’t always matter if you’re very beautiful or handsome. A picture with a good camera with just the right filter and an exposure to sufficient light would come out just fine. You should remember this when you’re thinking about the next image or picture to upload.

2. Use images in your post

People react to posts that include. images more than posts without that do not. If you ask me, I’ll say images help your posts stand out. It’s easier for one to scroll past a plain post that one which has an inviting picture. These days, I am adding pictures more to my personal posts and I am getting more reactions. I know this because I’ve studied that. However, as much as you can, ensure that whatever picture you’re adding to your post reflects the message. You don’t want to put up a picture that speaks a very different language from what you’re trying to pass across. Else, people will focus more on the picture and forget the message. You get?

3. Tell a story

People react to stories massively. Recently, I figured people love gists. People want to read stories. If it’s a story, people are definitely interested. It could be a funny story, a touching story or whatever kind of story. As long as it’s a story, it definitely sells. If you sell products or services, you must learn to tell stories effectively. I think you have a double advantage if the post is funny. So when next you want to upload that picture, ensure to engage people by telling a story. Don’t just “post and leave”. (Tip: People love being entertained)

4. Reply and react to necessary comments on your posts

Have you visited a blog that had awesome content, were moved to drop a comment only for you to notice that comments from other readers went unreplied? I have seen that times without number and it turns me off instantly. Unreplied comments communicate that you don’t appreciate them. And truth be told, it’s the same with Facebook comments. If someone drops a valuable comment on your post and doesn’t get a reply from you, such person might refrain from dropping a comment on your posts next time. Replying to comments on your post provides a good ground to engage with people who have same interests as you. Don’t forget to react to comments appropriately too. That surely goes a long way.

So, have you studied your Facebook audience personally before? What were your findings? Let’s talk in the comments box. Did this list help you? Do let me know. ☺️

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