Orifunke Lawal

I have a baby brother who just clocked one. Most of the time, we’re usually together. Over the months, I’ve learnt to understand him. For instance, I know he’s hungry if he begins to take his mouth to my breast. I know he’s sleepy if he begins to rub his face awkwardly with his hands. I know he wants to stay on my back if he keeps crying even when he’s not hungry. And I know something could be wrong if he totally behaves different from normal. I understand my brother. One special thing I love about him is his smile. Whenever I’m a bit sad and he suddenly smiles, I smile back and I forget what’s making me sad. Sometimes when I see him cackling, laughing hard and saying words I don’t understand, I say to him, “Baby, you aint seen anything yet”

Babies have such innocent personality. Never hating, never doing most things that adults do. And I wish I were a baby. Wouldn’t it be so nice to live such an innocent, less-complicated life? Being at peace with all, hating none and cheeringΒ  sad souls with your smile.

Truth is we almost can never be like babies. The older you grow, the wider your world becomes, the more your troubles are, the more you gain enemies, the more you find a lot of stuff annoying. That can’t change, can it? But it would be a lot better if we sometimes lived like babies-never hating, never criticizing,loving all and accepting all. Learn the baby’s style. To me, it doesn’t make you a baby. It makes you wiser instead and it also gives you a more innocent life to live. And I want to become a baby again.

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