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If you’re Nigerian and especially live in Lagos, then the idea of Yoruba demons is not novel to you. I, for one, have had an interesting number of experiences with them.

My freshest memory of one was a dude (in his early thirties) who was working in the same organization as I was and was seriously making passes at me every good day. For the naïve person I was, I was quite fascinated about how or why he wasn’t married yet even though he looked like he had everything he needed to start a family.

Well, I didn’t say yes to him. One, which was the most important, I was in a relationship. And two, I just felt he was too old and unintelligent for me. I endured him for many weeks until he got into some trouble in the company and was fired.

As usual, he was the talk of the company for a while after he left. One beautiful day, a colleague of mine was talking about him and he said, “I don’t know how John will cater for his pregnant wife now.”

I shook. What? Pregnant wife? You mean, John has a wife, a pregnant wife? I found it really hard to believe. I had asked him if he was single and he had affirmed it. I’d also asked him why he was single and he said something about not finding the right person yet.

So this guy that had been making passes at me was married and his wife was pregnant! I was mad. No, really, I was so mad. Not because I cared about him or would have said yes to him but because I couldn’t just think about how he could be so cruel and unfaithful!

Now, this was the most infuriating thing- I called him after to let him know that I knew he was married and how I was disappointed with him. Do you know this guy absolutely denied it? He absofuckinglutely denied it. In fact, he still denies it.

That was one of the Yoruba demon experiences I first had.

Who is a Yoruba Demon?

A “Yoruba demon” is a guy who is a specialist at cheating on his lovers or breaking the hearts of innocent girls. And it is important to note that the term “Yoruba demon” although is mostly made to refer to Yoruba guys who break hearts, any guy of any tribe can be a Yoruba demon, even if he is white.

How to know a “Yoruba Demon”?

To be honest, I don’t know. I have a list of things in my head that I’d advise any lady to be aware of before saying yes to a guy or while dating him. For example, I can’t trust a guy who’s 28 and above not to be married or at least, have someone he’s dating. I’m not saying it’s impossible o but until I am convinced, I don’t believe.

Sometimes there are warning signs which are really obvious unless you’re too blinded by love to see. However, there are demons and there are demons. And some of them have so perfected the art of looking and acting innocent. The only way you can find them out is-



Allow the Holy Spirit lead you ???

Because, to be honest, only God can show you who is who. So before you say yes to a guy who lives in Lagos, has a car, has a house, looks like he’s ready for marriage, better pray in tongues well (If you’re a Christian) so you have enough information about him from the Spirit. ???

P.S: This is from a personal opinion. You might not agree with it.

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