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Today on #FreshGradTales, I have the privilege of interviewing John Oyinbo White. John Oyinbo White is a graduate of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA) who is very interested in business. He is from Kabba in Kogi state, comes from a family of six which includes his parents, elder sister and two younger brothers. Mr White is a Christian and also looks forward to pursuing a career in the lucrative Oil and Gas industry. In this interview, he shares his experiences and achievements as a student, making mention of the best thing about attending university for him.


How would you describe your journey through the university?

I would describe my journey through the University as interesting and enlightening; the ups and downs, the stress, the laughter, the disappointments, the fun, the failures, the successes, the hard work, the reading (TDB and MTN). They all summed up to become the most interesting and tasking five years of my life.
NB: TDB means “till daybreak” and MTN means “Morning Till Night”

What were the best thing and worst thing about attending your university?

This is a tough one to answer. The best thing would probably be the freedom I got; no mum or dad to Lord it over me. Although with this came some mistakes, I learnt.

The worst thing was the stress, especially from 200 level to 500 level. Gosh!!!!! They don’t pity students in that school, the transport system was bad, we had to queue(very long queues, anyone from FUTMINNA can relate). There were just two ATMs on the campus back then so to withdraw was like hell. You almost had to queue for everything, I can remember back in 2013 when we had to undergo a medical test, my friend (Richmond) and I got to the clinic around 5am and we still met people there. The stress was just too much for 5 years coupled with the harsh weather.

If you had an opportunity to start all over again, would you still pick your university? Why or why not?

I’d still pick the school because asides the stress, FUTMINNA is top notch, especially my department; a very nice one. Plus the school isn’t all that social, hence, fewer distractions.

If you had a second chance as a student, what would you do better?

I would read more books (not academical books though), attend more seminars and be more politically active.

Tell us about your relationships, maybe? (Probably number of times your heart was broken, or times you broke others’ hearts. Or tell us if you found love.)

LOL. I had a couple of crushes but they were nothing serious, didn’t break anyone’s heart in school?. Neither did anyone break my heart. Was just in one serious relationship though, just one. It had a bad ending though.

What challenges did you have as a student? (This could be personal, academic, whatever)

Had challenges combining church, school, politics and business but they were later settled.

Would you say you had any achievements? If yes, what are they?

Yes. Number One achievement was that I bagged my first degree (B.Eng) in Chemical Engineering. Two, I was able to get an organization of mine (specializing in training students in chemical engineering software e.g., HYSYS) and organized a couple of trainings in school. Three, I was the General Secretary of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE), Students’ Wing(FUTMINNA chapter), and even received a national merit award from the society’s national body (the students’ wing). I also did some businesses; in some, I lost and in others, there were profits. My business partners being Winner, Richmond and Dyil. All by God’s grace, mercy and Favor.


What advice do you have for those who are still students in other higher institutions and those who are looking at going to school soon?

To the students, I’d say, get your priorities right, set your goals and put in conscious efforts to see them achieved.
To aspirants, I’d say, train yourself to be disciplined and learn to do the right things with or without supervision, learn not to be susceptible to peer-pressure. These should get you prepared for life on campus



Now that you’re a graduate, what’s next for you?

What next?? NYSC definitely, service to my fatherland. After that, I would apply for jobs and for Masters as well as, get myself busy with one or two businesses.

Any final words?

Let’s take the responsibly of building a stronger Nigeria and remember that without God, we’re nothing.
We need God to fulfill purpose and affect lives.

A big thank you to Orifunke for this interview.





#FreshGradTales is a series of interviews for fresh graduates from ALL universities in Nigeria. This initiative aims at hearing and sharing the stories, struggles, achievements and experiences of fresh Nigerian graduates. We do believe everyone has a unique story that someone somewhere would love to read and benefit from reading as well. 


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