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Just imagine this. You’re on a queue and you’re trying to get something others are struggling to get too. You’re being pushed from the front and being pushed from the back. Then by mistake, someone steps on you and looks back then turns away her face. You’re like, “You stepped on me.” Expecting the person to say sorry, she replies, “Can’t you see there are many people here? It wasn’t my fault!”. How would you feel?


All of us are naturally ego-driven creatures. We always want to do things that would increase or support our self-esteem. As a result, when we offend people, it could be quite difficult for us to say Sorry. Apologizing when you know quite well that you’re wrong seems like the hardest thing to do. Now what does apologizing mean? Saying Sorry? Yes, but not just that, it means admitting you’re wrong, saying sorry for doing the wrong thing and assuring the person that it wouldn’t repeat itself. So you see, apologizing isn’t just about saying sorry. The part of apologizing that seems to be the hardest is admitting the fact that you’re in the wrong. Everybody wants to be the one in the right part. And naturally, we all hate being the one who has to admit doing the wrong thing. That’s why we use the sentence “It wasn’t my fault” to support ourselves.


However, as difficult as it could seem, it is very important that we apologize when we offend others. The first thing you should tell yourself is, apologizing doesn’t make you smaller than you are, it doesn’t reduce your self-esteem one bit! For you to keep your relationships with people, you would have to learn the art of apologizing to others. Why? Because you’re imperfect. We all are.  And that’s why it’s possible for you to step on people’s toes.


When you offend someone, don’t try defending yourself! It’s not going to get you the forgiveness you need. Come out plain and say, “I know I did this and this and I’m sorry”. Don’t say, “This and this happened and I’m sorry about it. You know it wasn’t my fault.” NO NO! Also, when you’re apologizing, be sincere about it. Don’t do it because you don’t want to look proud or because people are asking you to do it or because Orifunke asked you to do it. And finally, endeavour not to repeat the wrong thing you did. If you do. that would show or make the person assume that you weren’t sincere at first.


So people, this is it. I hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this. When you offend someone, sincerely apologize, don’t try covering-up by saying, “It wasn’t My fault!”.


“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.Benjamin Franklin


I really should thank God. I asked Him for speed in writing this and He gave me. ^_^


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