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Following the series of the biggest reality show in Nigeria lately, I really must say that you cannot but love #BBNaija; the suspense, the engagement, the fuzzy feeling it sometimes gives you, everything. I can really tell that it is especially an interesting way to spend your day or catch some fresh air during your day.


Now, what if I told you that all the hours you spend watching the most popular reality show in the country could actually earn you some really cool gifts? Would you believe it? I think I find it especially thrilling that #BBNaija gives you the opportunity to enjoy your time on TV and also have some gifts at hand. Now, for me, that is realllyyy good.


If you’re reading this at this point, I can make two wild guesses;

  1. You watch #BBNaija (and yaaay! That makes us two)
  2. You want to know how you can get the best from #BBNaija even while you spend your time. (Now, that’s smart!)


And because I am really nice like that, yes, I have compiled a list of how you can smile at your TV every time you have to watch BBNaija. (And shhh, I’m for real).


Presenting to you… BBTrivias

So BBNTrivias gives you the opportunity to win amazing gifts at the least cost you can imagine. (Yeah, this pretty sounds too good to be true. This means that you do not have to break your bank to get thrilling gifts that would get you smiling on #BBTrivia.


  1. To get in on the train of winners, answer the Trivia questions in the flyer below (They’re pretty easy, aren’t they?)



2. When you have your answers, check out the answer codes for each of the housemates in the image below. Look at them carefully so as not to make any mistakes.



3. This is the most important part! Now that you know your answers and you know the codes of each of the housemates, proceed to play. The image below shows you exactly how to play depending on the bank(s) you’re using.



4. If you would want to play on the website (http://www.bbntrivias.com) instead, no worries, you’re absolutely covered! Follow the simple instructions right in the image below:



I hope these steps were clear enough. I really cannot wait to see you win all the best gifts on the BBTrivias.

Have any questions? I’ll be right here to respond when you drop your comment.


For more information, follow @BBNtrivias or follow the official hashtags: #BBNTrivia #BBNaija

Please, let me know what you think.

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