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My name is Orifunke Lawal and I wear many hats and provide different solutions based on whatever situation I find myself in. I write and create content that helps people get better in their personal lives, careers, brands and businesses. I am also an advocate for gender equality.

I am a lover of big ideas and I love love love to see people be more and do more. So, I currently lead Lady with Balls, a community of ladies that helps women achieve their goals through necessary resources, procedures and events. The Graduate Mentor is also a by-project that has stemmed from my desire to see to it that finalists and fresh graduates of Nigerian universities are equipped with the kind of knowledge they need to survive and excel in the real world.

I am a lover of stories and storytelling. And I have a collective experience in social media management, content development, SEO, branding and communications from the Fashion, E-commerce & Financial Services sector.

I have written two very short books. One, #TheArtOfSocialWriting, which helps personal brands and businesses write content that their audience wants to read. And #the25for25, a memoir that details some of the major things that have happened in all my years on earth around leadership, fear, courage, God and building ideas and people. If you want to have a glimpse into what my life has been about, you should download my memoir. It’s free.

I also have a new book which teaches people how they can make money via WhatsApp. You can buy here: WhatsApp Blast

I am open to speaking engagements. To book me, please send an email to [email protected]

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