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If you want to go on a trip, then you should learn how to pack light for travel. I do not really like to travel because of my motion sickness but when I do have to, I ensure that I pack as little as possible unless it is extremely unavoidable.  There are a couple of reasons why you should ensure to travel light while going on a trip. I like to imagine that there could be an emergency (not necessarily negative) that could come up along the way. Packing light would ensure that you do not have to worry about having too many items of luggage. Two, while travelling, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Travelling heavy might not ensure that for you. Also, travelling with less load reduces your chances of losing stuff, which should be top on your list.


So, in this article, I would be showing you how to pack light for travel so that you can enjoy your next trip without hassles. One thing, though, I know that it might not exactly be easy to pack light especially if you normally pack a lot of stuff while travelling. But I am sure that with time, you will get used to it and find it easier and convenient to pack fewer items.


How To Pack Light For Travel


1. Carry-On Bags or Backpacks Are The Best!

In order to travel light, one of the best tips is to make sure you do not carry a bag that is too big. In fact, carry a smaller bag than you need. A carry-on bag helps you to carry only the things that you actually really need, rather than the things you think you might need. If you are thinking of where to get backpacks in Nigeria, I would recommend the Jansport bag for you. It is just the kind of backpack you will need, not just comfortable but fashionable as well as it includes different compartments for different types of items on your travel list.




2. Pack for Just A Week.

Okay, I know that this might be quite difficult as you might be thinking, “What if I leave out something I need?” But chances are you wouldn’t, especially if you have a packing list. I grew up with a mom who would pack every single thing she fancied before going on a trip. (Loool) but that only left us with so much load and inconvenience to and fro. Packing for a week would help you to streamline everything you want in your backpack. You don’t pack just anything you feel like but what you need to pack. If you are planning to have a trip that would take a couple of months, you can definitely wash and re-wear them along the way. Again, a laptop backpack could come in handy for you.



3. Roll, don’t fold.

Many of us are used to folding our clothes in our bags before going on a journey. I’ve found that, though, that rolling your clothes leaves you with more space in your backpack than folding them. And not just that, rolling also leave less rumples on your clothes while travelling than folding. Remember that you might not have the chance of iron your clothes along the way so it’s best to keep them in a form where the chances of having creases are slim.


How to pack light for travel might be quite tasking but look at the bright side- You travel light, spend less shopping on what you think you might need. And if you’ve secured cheap flights to your destinations, you have your budget and bank account all in check.


So, do you have any guides on how to travel light? Is there any other thing you do asides from the ones I have listed? Drop a comment and let’s talk about it!


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  • Adisa Adeola Bukola says:

    I swear this is Just in time,I will go and unpack and repack my bag for this weekend’s journey… Thank you!

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Haha! I’m glad it helped. Let me know how your weekend journey goes. I’d be here if you do need any further help with packing. ?

  • Aliu Wemimo says:

    I don’t like traveling and when I do, I go with my handbag or backpack (only when I have to go with my laptop). I have just one simple reason for this, ‘I hate stress’.

    So much I might decide not to travel, if it means me packing a lot.

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