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Hiya! So you’re welcome. It’s been quite a while I wrote a post that wasn’t a response to one of my polls and I think I’ve missed that. To be honest, taking polls can be quite stressful and if you’re a wahala-lover like me, you know taking time to design responses to polls are double stressful too. So I decided to take a break this week, not from blogging, but from the usual polls. Thank you for stopping by. I’m looking forward to seeing a response from you after you’re done reading too. 

So, eh ehn, my birthday is coming!!! And I’m quite excited about that. Okay, maybe not “excited” in that sense of it but it’s something I am really looking forward to. And sorry, I’m not celebrating it o, I don’t have money (in case you were thinking of asking ?) but it’s on the 30th of January and I can receive gifts. ?
Since my birthday is just around the corner, I thought of doing a birthday post for myself. The habits are not exactly “silly” but they’re things I hope to stop doing and I hope to work on. Enjoy. You might be able to relate to one or two. 

Habits I Want To Stop After My Next Birthday

1. Not calling people or trying to keep in touch. 

Oh well, if there’s anything I suck at, it has to be calling people. My basic solution to this, of recent, has been to start up conversations with people I have not talked with in a while when they reply to one of my posts on social media. Sometimes I have to even write a to-do list for calling people because I will just forget. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I’d have greatly improved on that. 

2. Being too lazy to respond to messages 

Oh myyy. I usually have a whole lot of Whatsapp and Facebook messages that sometimes I even forget to check them and other times, I just feel pretty overwhelmed. It’s even more of the latter than the former. Lol. I get overwhelmed when I have to reply a lot of messages and end up replying late. Interestingly, I reply messages faster when I am working on a laptop. So I guess I just get stressed out when I have to type a lot on my phone.  I think I prefer calls (or voice notes). I am not always in the mood to reply messages. 

3. Spending money impulsively. 

Lol. See this one eh, iss only God that can epp me. I am quite an impulsive spender. I can spend when I am excited and spend when I am moody. My way of curbing this has been to move a considerable amount of my money to one of my bank accounts for which I have no ATM card. So if there’s any temptation to even go to the bank to withdraw, it quickly dies down because it is so much stress and I do not like stress. I also do not withdraw large amounts of money to keep at hand because something will just come up that I will buy. These have worked for me ? To think of it, I spend a large amount of my money on food and drinks and data and I rarely buy clothes unless I am sure I really need them. 

4. Waking up late

I have never been an early riser and I have never been a nocturnal person either. So I tend to sleep early (say around 10 or 11, if that’s early) and well…wake up late. I’ve tried and tried to get myself to at least wake up by 4 or 5am beht iss just not werking mehn. I think one thing that would just fit me is to have a job where I am not limited by work hours. So I can sleep well and at least be awake to do whatever I need to do. 

5. Not planning my day ahead. 

I’ve not been one to always plan a day ahead. I get bored after a while. But now that I work, I’ve discovered that planning my day ahead helps me to deliver better and to have a more productive day. Just because I get bored of things easily, I could plan this week ahead and next week, I take each day as it comes. And this affects me because I usually have to do a lot of things everyday. 

6. I have been racking my head to find the sixth thing I need to stop doing and work on but I can’t seem to remember anything right now. Maybe when I remember, I’ll update this post ???

* * * * *

Thank you for reading. Feel free to drop your comments. My birthday is on the 30th of January. If you want to connect with me so you can wish me a happy birthday before then, you can reach out to me on the following:
Facebook Orifunke Lawal

Twitter: @Orifunke

Instagram: @orifunkelawal

Have a great weekend ahead! ???

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