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Thank you for joining us today on #FreshGradTales. In this episode, I have Nze Chidinma Sandra. She is a graduate of the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti and she studied Crop Horticulture and Landscape Design. Sandra would like to describe herself as one who enjoys doing a lot of things. Do enjoy her interview!




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Who/What influenced your decision to study in your university?
My parent wanted me to go to a private university; Madonna university, to be precise, but I’m a kind of person who listens to my mind so I didn’t go.
Looking back now, do you think going to the university was really worth it? How/Why?
Well, there are two sides to this question. I’d say that wisdom comes from God and education or going to the university is just a polish so going to the university for me was worth it. But I want to say that in a generalized view, going to the university in a country like ours is not worth it. Where are the jobs? It is painful that after school, graduates roam the street for lack of jobs. Is it worth it?
For you, what was the most annoying thing that happened to you as a student?
When I was in 300L, on one of my scripts was wrongly written, “No exam permit/No school fees. I didn’t know when it was written and because I had never written exams without paying school fees, I felt bad because the script wasn’t marked and this made me to rewrite it. That was the most annoying thing that happened to me as a student.
Can you say you had any achievements? If yes, what are they?
My achievements are numerous. I learnt a lot while in school especially how to interact and manage different kinds of people. Above all, being a graduate is enough of an achievement. Some persons started school with me the same day but are no more today. Being alive is also an achievement.
What challenges did you have as a student?
(Smiles) Life, itself, is a challenge but in school, the greatest challenge I had was combining education, business and politics. It wasn’t easy to balance politics, business and education. As a matter of fact I hardly slept but God was wonderful and He saw me through.
What advice do you have for those who are still students in higher institutions and those who are looking at going to school soon?
My advice is simple. As a student, stay out of trouble and be of good behavior. Think beyond using your certificate to make it in life. Hard work and God’s grace can take you anywhere in life. If you are aspiring to be a student too, focus is the key. Don’t allow anyone to discourage you. Before I gained admission into the university, the advice people gave me on cultism was scary. I almost didn’t go to the university because of talks of cultism but I want to say that all through my stay in the university, I was never harassed by them. This was because I respected myself and didn’t cross my bounds. So, don’t cross your bounds.
Now that you’re a graduate, what’s next for you?
Now that I’m a graduate, I feel like going for a second degree in Law but before that I want to concentrate on my business.
Any final words?
I give God all the glory for His protection over my life all the while I was in school. Glory to the one who was able to keep and has kept and is still keeping. It wasn’t an easy road. I wouldn’t have come this far if not for His grace. I’m grateful to the most high God.
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#FreshGradTales is a series of interviews for fresh graduates from ALL universities in Nigeria. This initiative aims at hearing and sharing the stories, struggles, achievements and experiences of fresh Nigerian graduates. We do believe everyone has a unique story that someone somewhere would love to read and benefit from reading as well. 


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