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Hello, dear readers! Welcome to today’s session of the #FreshGradTales. Today, we have a young beautiful lady who I have spoken with and really do admire. I’d refer to her as a woman of strength and ambition. Her name is Kemi Farinde and she is a graduate of the Building department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She currently works with a company where she is practising as a builder. And lest I forget, she actually served as the president of her department in her final year on Campus. I do know you would enjoy this.

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How would you describe your journey through the university?

First, I would like to say thank you, Orifunke Lawal, for the beautiful job you are doing on this platform.

My journey on campus was tiring and stressful but sweeeettttt, fun and challenging. Every experience was worth it, truthfully speaking.

If you had an opportunity to start all over again, would you still pick your university? Why or why not?

Lol, no oooo…ah, I would love to experience other institutions, their calendar, standards and all.

Tell us about your relationships, maybe?

I have had two relationships. The first one was for over five years while the second was for eight months. I am turned off from relationships presently. I just want to invest all my energy in myself and anything that concerns me asides relationship. When the right person comes, then I can be in one. But right now?, my dear, NO.

My experience has been bad. In my first relationship, we shared different values and he was violent. The second one broke up with me because I bought ordinary 4,500naira weavon with my freaking money and he assumed I spent lavishly. And then his senses got awakened that I do social media too much.


What challenges did you have as a student?

Challenges? I had a whole lot of them.  Was it the part where I had to sleep in classrooms because I had no accommodation in part two? Abi the part that my G.P dropped drastically in part 3 because I was carried away by different part-time jobs that I had to do to survive, and lots more.  But see ehn, all those things never weakened me, instead, I saw them as opportunities to perform excellently; which I did.

Would you say you had any achievements? If yes, what are they?

Oh yes, I did. I led my department as the President for a session and it was awesomeeee.  I understood what it felt like to starve, I understood what it felt like to be faced with challenges above, so I ensured the students didn’t have to go through those things. Life was easy for them, but it wasn’t for me. We were able to provide welfare packages for students, visitation, packages worth more than their dues, a talk show with free food (smiles). We were able to raise enough funds (a’int telling you guys how much), we bought a printer, concrete mixer and poker vibrator for the department, we renovated the studios, we gave all our lecturers packages and the week was awesome.

Oh, and despite all my travelling and “Joyful Noise” (my fellowship’s anniversary), I still finished with a 2.1.

What advice do you have for those who are still students in higher institutions and those who are looking at going to school soon?

See, you need to have a passion before you can even cope. Your passion drives you, it motivates you personally. Don’t ever be distracted nor disappointed in yourself. If you know you have failed then strive not to fail again. Talk to people. Your ego and silence won’t help anyone in the end, my dear. Walkaway from people with bad testimonies . You can do alllllll things, that’s what the scriptures say.

Any final words?

Keep believing in yourself. You are not limited by anything. Know your weaknesses, your strength and never settle for less. You don’t even know all you can do except you try. Don’t walk alone. And never stop loving God. In the beginning and the end, it’s still God. But don’t leave God with all and be sleeping… Lol, you are on a jonzing things o.  I wish you nothing but God’s best. Soar!!!

Thanks, Miss Orifunke Lawal.  God bless you and keep being an impact. Let’s stay blessed.

I remain Farinde Kemi And I am a Builder.

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