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Hello. My name is Orifunke Lawal and right here with me is a fresh graduate of OAU. This is our first episode of #FreshGradTales. Can we meet you?

I am Benjamin Omobolanle, a graduate of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development and it’s been a wonderful time on OAU campus. Nice meeting you, Orifunke.
So, how has it been on OAU Campus? I’d like to know your challenges and your achievements. Or rather, what were the challenges you faced while on campus?
One of the challenges I faced on campus was a financial challenge. It’s really been a struggle, financially. Another challenge I faced was an academic challenge in part one. However, this reduced with increase in level and better orientation and enlightenment. Another challenge I had was with relationships but as time went on, the “learning and culture” in OAU came on.
What would you say have been your achievements so far?
Okay, yes, one major achievement for me was acquiring leadership skills, the ability to bear responsibilities that do not look like they are possible but which were achieved with great people and God. Another was the ability to cherish relationships, get connected with people and network with them.
You mentioned leadership skills, was there a time when you had the opportunity to lead? Or were they just things you learnt by reading books?

Yeah, I had the opportunity to take up a leadership position in my religious association and in my department, specifically my class (being a group leader by virtue of lecturers’ interest). And then others are things from books.
Was there anytime where you felt like you just wanted to leave OAU?
Sure! *laughs* There were times I began to count down and I was like, “God, when am I going to finish?”
Would you say, “Thank You, OAU”?
I’d say “Thank You, OAU” because I have been able to meet people I would never have met and I may not have known what I actually know now.

What words do you have for OAU students at large?
PLAN. Don’t get “gutted” (laughs) like when you get to your final year and have to start asking, “What have I done with my life?”. Start planning. And it is not too late to plan even if you are a fresh graduate. Planning is the watchword of a leader.
Thank you very much. It’s been very nice speaking with you. Have a nice time outside OAU.

Thank you.
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Thank you for reading.

#FreshGradTales is a project specifically for fresh graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University. This initiative aims at knowing the various stories and experiences that fresh graduates of OAU have to tell to the world.

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