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Intensive Content Creation & Marketing Course

In this Content Creation and Marketing course, you will practically learn how to create content that engages, sells and converts for your business or personal brand. 

Content creation and marketing is a must-understood for any business owner, personal brand or professional who wants to build an understand and achieve profitable goals. 

The Content Creation and Marketing Course by the Orifunke Lawal Academy is a 5-week intensive and practical instructor-led course for small business owners and personal brands looking to learn to create and use content to advance their brands. 

Are You a Business Owner?

With effective content creation and marketing, you can build brand awareness for your business, learn tactics to build a community of loyal followers around your business, and move your followers and fans to paying customers. It is not enough to have products or tell people about your services, you must understand how the minds of people work and how content influences people’s buying decisions.

As a business owner, you will learn how to create content that: 

  • Builds awareness of your product offers and services
  • Inspires people to want to join and be loyal to your community
  • Gets converting users

Are You Looking to Build Your Personal Brand?

Building trust and authoritative thought leadership is not accidental. With practical content marketing and creation, you understand what works for your audience, how you can stand out from your competitors and how your paying customers can find you. 

As a personal brand, you will learn how to create content that:

  •  Builds knowledge of, trust in and love for your brand and its resultant services and products
  • Positions you as a thought leader in your industry and in the minds of your target audience
  • Moves your base of fans into paying customers

What You Will Learn:

  • The Fundamentals of Content Creation and Marketing
  • Defining Your Target Audience and Build Buyer Personas for Your Business/Personal Brand
  • Researching and Generating Ideas for Content Creation and Marketing
  • Understanding the Building Blocks of All Types of Content (Long-form and Short-form, Image, Audio & Video) and Strategies that Work for Engagement, Traffic & Sales
  • Understanding Content Distribution, Content Promotion and Content Repurposing
  • Creating an Effective Content Strategy and Calendar
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing Efforts and Strategies
  • Different Content Creation Tools and How They Work (Organizational, Scheduling, Designing, Video Editing, Text Editing, Idea Generation, Tracking)
  • Utilizing Marketing Funnels for Business and Personal Brands
  • Content Optimization for Social Media Platforms and Search Engines (Google)


  • FREE 10-minute One-on-One Introductory Consultation
  • Live Classes
  • 5-Week Instructor-Led Coaching
  • Case Studies
  • Extensive Exercises and Projects
  • Community Work and Interaction
  • FREE Access to Canva Designing Ebook and 21-Day Printable Designing Planner
  • Secured internships for Best Students
  • Examination, Certificate & Virtual Graduation

Training Details

Course Starts: 16th January, 2021.

Course Ends: 13th February, 2021.

Venue: All video live trainings will be held via Google Meet while departments/support groups are hosted on WhatsApp. 

Training Fee: N35,000 (30% OFF  till January 1st, 2021)

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