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The discussion of Bae Allowance or Girlfriend Allowance appears to come up every now and then on social media.

If you do not know what “Bae Allowance” means, it refers to an amount of money that a guy gives his woman on a regular basis. 

Would you believe that until some months ago, I had no idea that there was anything known as girlfriend allowance? I mean, I knew that girlfriends could enjoy special financial privileges from their boyfriends. Like him taking them out or giving them money when they need it and if he does have it. But I had no idea there was a regular “salary” thingy.

Okay, fast forward to now that I know. I have studied that there are different sets of people who have varying opinions about this matter.

First, there’s the set of people who think it’s absolutely fine to give your girlfriend an allowance, as long as you can afford it. Just so that she can be comfortable and not be tempted by other guys. (Lol)

Second, there’s the set that thinks it is absolutely irrelevant unless they’re married. Such commitment should be attended to in marriage, abi?

Third is the set of people who are absolutely indifferent about it. If it comes, fine. If it doesn’t, it’s still fine.
For me, I think I just have mixed feelings about this issue. I don’t think the lady should expect it and I don’t think the guy should be under obligation to give her a regular allowance. If he feels the spirit is leading him to continously sow into the ministry of the bae monthly or regularly, he can. As long as he is not inconveniencing himself or his pocket to make that happen.

“Bae Allowance” is not something I am entirely cool with simply because I kinda sorta think receiving a monthly allowance would mean you being indebted to him one way or the other. And I love my independence like ki lo de. Well, what do I know except for what I think?

So, what’s your take? Do you support Bae Allowance or not? Let me know in the comments. And please don’t forget to share with others.

P.S: I’m going to do another post on the different opinions of this I have received so far. Your comment could be one of them.

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  • I have often had issues with several ideas that are pushed by folks as far as relationships are concerned. Personally, I think that relationships don’t have strict rules and nothing in relationship is general. I mean , people are different (my bae is not your bae and your boo is not my boo). To say “this is the principle that works” is to assume that all people are the same and the same things work for everybody.

    It must be said that my views here are personal, it is never a rule. I don’t subscribe to the idea of bae allowance at all. I mean, why should bae paid? Am I saying she should not go and work to make money? Besides, giving bae monthly allowance is saying she is under se form of obligation to me. If I am married to a woman, she can get any amount, but my bae is not my wife YET, so I shouldn’t commit her to any obligation by giving her a fixed amount of money monthly.

    I am not saying I can’t give her money, but to make it an obligation is a no no.

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      I totally and completely relate and agree with you. She is still a girlfriend, not a wife.

      Thanks a lot for commenting. It’s crazy how although this was the first comment, I’m just seeing this and approving it.

  • MilohwithanH says:

    This is so funny, I must confess. However, before I give my own loooong comment which I’ll obviously tag you to, I must say, if you know any guy willing to give bae allowance, let me inbox my number.

    You can share the tithe with God.

    • Orifunke Lawal says:


      Is it that you will pay the tithe to me and I will give it to God?

      Abi you will pay the tithe to God and He will give it to me?

      Please let it be the former. Thank you

  • Tiana says:

    For me I think it is not really necessary if he is just my boyfriend not fiance,but it is sha nice for a guy to give gifts or money to his girlfriend if he has it bcos for me I think it way to show you do care for her but for the allowance I don’t think it is necessary o

  • Sir Mikky says:

    The first time I saw bae allowance on your Facebook wall, I was like ‘nibo?’. Well, I don’t think such should exist in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Doing so just that your girl doesn’t get “enticed” by some other guy is misplaced priority, that shouldn’t be what should keep your girl with you.
    But if bae allowance doesn’t apply to just bf-gf parol but extends to a “DATING” relationship, fine. But then, it shouldn’t be done at all cost.

    • Orifunke Lawal says:


      If you have to keep her with the money, you may have to lose her if the money stops coming. Right?

      I agree with your submission wholeheartedly. But wait, is there a difference between a bf-gf relationship and a dating relationship? I’ll just like to be clear.

  • Folushola Balogun says:

    I actually think it’s not necessary but if the guy insists and he is fine with it then no problems. But it shouldn’t be a BY FORCE thing.

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Yes sis! As long as he is doing it willingly without being forced, we’re fine.

      I appreciate you stopping by, Madam Folushola.

  • Talking of salary, it is whoever works that deserves salary, so I might not totally approve of paying my girlfriend a salary but I can give her money as often as I wish as long as I have.. But salary? Naah!

  • Taiwo says:

    Bae allowance…a very timely and lovely write. Up….. Only if d relationship will lead to marriage dats when an supporting bae allowance…. It shouldn’t be encouraged in just mere boyfriend and girlfriend ish… But only for marriage plan
    as its gonna help d man to get used to it…

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      You have a point. He has to start learning how to give before they get married. Nice one.

      Thank you for reading, Taiwo.

  • Wol’ up! This is actually a thing? Like a thing thing? My Goodness.
    Are there like contracts, agreements and all what not involved? Because this thing… I am really not understanding.
    “I kinda sorta think receiving a monthly allowance would mean you being indebted to him one way or the other. ” Spot on! Absolutely spot on!

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Looooool. Yes, Biyi, it is “actually a thing”. I was surprised to know about it too.

      I don’t know if there are contracts, agreements and all o. Looool.

      Thank you very much for stopping by. It’s really great to see you!

  • I think a girl should be given bae allowance o, from time to time the guy should sow something abi where is the love and romance without money..?but it’s not by force o before they will say somebody is just there for the money.
    However I have my pride I don’t think I can open my mouth to ask my partner for bae allowance but If he offers I will readily (baba God let him somehow stumble on this) accept it ??https://skinnybrownie1site.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/the-liebster-award-get-to-know-me/

    • Orifunke Lawal says:


      You’re so real! Loool.

      “Where is the love and romance without money?” got me rolling, babe!

      And I pray he stumbles on this too, for your sake. Haha. Thanks a whole lot for stopping by!

  • Alex says:

    “If I tell you say I love you oh, my body, my money na your own oh”. Well, thats for davido and not me, my money is mine biko.

    On the matter, I do not totally buy the idea of bae allowance. Yes, its a good thing to invest or spend on your bae (girlfriend), but when it becomes a monthly obligation, mehn that would serious oo.. What happens in the month I may not be able to fulfil such obligation? Break up might eventually fall on me o, as she would be disappointed because she would have gotten used to the salary thing!

    I rest my case here!

    • Orifunke Lawal says:

      Looooool. True true! If you start giving her a monthly salary, she would get used to it and like you said “Breakup might just fall on you”. Lmaoooooo

      Thanks for dropping by.

  • Orifunke Lawal says:

    And could you please recheck your URL? I can’t access your blog.

  • Lol it’s totally unnecessary but if he’s led. No problem at all.

  • koz says:

    Omo me I’m just hearing of bae allowance today. What will I not hear in this generation? Like you said I feel like its demeaning to totally depend on a guy’s money it’s like your independence is being sold.
    Thanks for sharing

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